Wednesday, October 14, 2009


By the time this post is published, I'm already on my way to Tawau for a 2day 1 night trip. I have to brave this mission alone, which is to see the site progress, and also to get payments for our stuffs. I don't feel good about it, but at least I have done this before and I know better on how to deal with the unfavorable situation. Hopefully the outcome is good.

I will be on leave on 16th. I'll be away through the whole weekend as we are going to attend the CPMC (Catholic Pre-Marriage Course) which is compulsory for a Catholic couple.


Willie said...

hi sumuk,

All the best for your tawau trip. Are you collecting money? Jadi Along la engkau ni. Hahaha

Do share us, what you have learned from the marriage course yeah. Bila sudah attend le. Hehehe

Coffee Girl... said...

Miss Along, good luck! kawin nanti jangan la lupa sound-sound ye...

nbliang said...

hallo my friend... wish you all the best for your CPMC. :) Don't forget to inform me when you going to tie the knot. ;)

Cheers and happy all the time yeah.

Sumuk said...

Willie : Thanks Willie. Sure I will, in due course :)

Coffee Girl : Ko Kawin pun jgn lupa sound-sound ye? :D

nbliang : Hi fren! Long time no hear :D how's married life now? Thanks, eventhough we were tired, but we are glad we went for the course.

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