Thursday, August 13, 2009

Food for the Poor?

Feel bored. I got many things to do, but I don't feel up to it. Tomorrow I'll be going to Singapore for a 9am meeting with my bos. Thinking about the ungodly hours I have to go to airport just make me feel sick. The only consolation I can give to myself is that I'll be having 2-days off day, which we'll be another hectic weekend I guess.

We are supposed to go back to Kuching today, and be back on Sunday for our continuation or Cuti-Cuti Malaysia, but it has to be cancelled because of Babai's induction, and I have to go for the meeting tomorrow. My boss was not happy that I'm making another trip back, and we were very cheeky to book flight well in advance, and forced the company to allow us taking leave. Then again, I told him that it doesn't matter whether I apply leave in advance or 2 days before, there's always something comes up at the very last minute, as it is the nature of our job. My wedding was well planned to be on December, and yet I had so many times declined vehemently to be sent for oversea assignments. For example, 2 days ago he had wanted to send me to Morocco to our current site this Sunday, and back to Malaysia end of December! Thanks but no thanks. Not now anyway.

Babai will be coming back today, but I'm not too sure at what time. I've been going over to the previous house to feed Jake for the past three days, and I'm more than glad to handover the duty back to Babai cos I've been going home late almost everyday, and it's a very tiring process. Even the process of opening and closing so many locks tires me. Why couldn't we live like how the kampung people live, where they leave their doors wide open in broad daylight? Sometimes I feel like living in prison, it's so suffocating but there's no choice since I valued my life more than anything else.

For the past 3 days also I've been feeding on things that I don't normally consumed when Babai was around, which is belacan. It's bad for his gout, and I had to refrain myself from cooking or preparing food that contain belacan. Some people say that belacan or ikan masin is the food for the poor. Yep, I'm poor. No doubt haha. Sigh, I miss my mom and her cooking so much.


lvynana said...

Belacan sedap apa, apa gik mun midin belacan..waduh..

Sumuk said...

kangkong belacan pon sodap..

rambomadonna said...

especially if the belacan is from bintulu, miri or papar ... sedap sekali!

cyrildason said...

People whom say Belacan and Ikan Masin are food for the poor shud just shut up and eat up coz it's freakingly delicious!! Belacan pun mahal ba.. RM1.50 for a cube, and RM6 if it comes from bintulu.

Anyway, Babai a gov servent eyh... =D and why is practically almost everyone having gaout? I'm kind of worried I'd suffer the same fate.

Sumuk said...

Mie & Cyril : i'm a big fan of bintulu belacan. i never run out of stock all year round over in KL!

cyril : Babai is not gov servant, but with a glc.

suituapui said...

Belacan - good one at least RM25 a kg, ikan masin the small ones RM5 you get maybe 10!!! So mahal!!! And Igan udang kering RM70 a kg! Worth its weight in gold!

Sumuk said...

LOL! I'm eating gold then!

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