Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Degenerative Brain Cell Loss Disease aka Babo

*Scratching my head*

I don't know what to talk about la.

It's just that my boss and manager will be away from office until this Thursday. They already left us some tasks to be done while they are away, which I think can be settled without so much a problem.

By the way, last Saturday and Sunday I had totally forgotten that IKEA was having their last 2 days big sale. Sigh.. Eventhough they do have some mini-sale for the upcoming raya, I don't think it can match the sales they were having since the past 1-month. We haven't done with our shopping for our home furnishing yet, as our master bedroom is still empty, and I need to buy some new and proper kitchenware. Aiyo.. so forgetful..

I also notice that I had become more and more forgetful. Last night, I left the keys to the house dangling on main door and went to sleep. This morning, I left the house key dangling on the gate padlock and went off for work. Nowadays, I also found that I am having problem having a complete conversation. I always forget at least a word in every sentence I'm making, especially if its a slightly or more difficult word. Does anyone else about my age is having this problem?


amieyalen said...

Same here... I even forgot what day is today... and I'll keep asking people about what day is today... everyday...huhuhuhu

anyway, forgotten about the big sale is rugi owh...hahahahaha :P

Sumuk said...

aok eh.. dah babo dah kita tok..

fonsusz said...

problem mlampau aku kinek tok sine aku parking kreta d tempat kerja. aku tbabo carik kreta makei memory hari sebelum nya, kadang2 2 hari sebelumnya.....babo...babo...

Sumuk said...

ahaha! aku kadang2 ada juak, lupak sine aku parking, sbb dah beratus kali going thru the same experience everyday.

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