Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Soft Launching

I'm all alone at home. Babai is away somewhere in Malacca for 4 days for his induction course. Well, at least since he's not at home, I can leave the dishes unwashed and sleep anywhere I want hahaha!!

Last weekend was very hectic. Finished working, I left at 1pm on the dot. I got someone ready to take the fridge. I had washed the fridge until it sparkled like new, and almost changed my mind about selling it. There was nothing wrong with the fridge at all eventhough it's already more than 15 years in service.

After that, one by one friends and relatives start calling up about coming over. At first I had estimated about 10 person and did my food shopping based on that. While I was still preparing the food, Babai told me there'll be more coming, and I told him to buy chicken wing that has already been marinated because the 2kg that I did was insufficient. I was nervous when Babai started to invite the others because it felt not right to invite some and left the others. I was concerned not just because maybe the food is not enough for everyone, but our utensils was limited too haha. On top of that, the house has not been blessed yet and I would prefer if we can make a proper get-together during the 'official' housewarming.

Somehow, we managed just fine, and the last guest left at 3am in the morning. In fact, I even managed to sell my TV to one of the guest too :D

On Sunday, both of us were so tired, I slept most of the day. Babai took his time trying to finish up some of the stuff e.g installing extra curtain and the spotlights. I did not do any cooking as it turned out that some of our guests had brought food and there was enough leftover to see us through the whole Sunday. I washed the dishes stage by stage, and we would keep it in mind to use environment-friendly disposable utensils the next time around to save time and energy.


amieyalen said...

woaa.... I love the first paragraph!!!! kekekekeke

and I wish the lat paragraph happened to me... :P

Sumuk said...


cyrildason said...

Well, congrats on your 1st house warming (mini house warming)... 2kg is not enough for 10 people.. esspecially if your serving Oyuok... hehehe


Sumuk said...

no poomba for the night, cos we have muslim friends over. but i served a very rare sarawak food, which is Sago linut, and also some other side dishes e.g prawn bbq, salads, etc hehe! Luckily some of other guests were very thoughtful and brought some kue teow and others. We don't have enough glass that night, we were definitely not ready to have a housewarming hihi!!

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