Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Top In Muar

Haha.. that's the statement we heard about certain food in Muar. But been here for few days, I haven't tasted anything that I can brag about. My colleague said I should try the Mee Bandung Muar, but haven't had the chance to do so.

Having a meeting at the hotel lobby, and we haven't finished from 7pm yet. Luckily there's a free Wi-Fi to entertain myself while waiting for my portion of work.

Me and Babai is supposed to go to Singapore this Friday, but due to financial consideration and with quite high exchange rate compared to few weeks before, we decided to abort the idea. The apartment which was provided for the Singapore staffs so happened to be fully occupied last month, and SDG59x2nights at a backpacker hostel is not considered easy for our pocket. We could use the money from accomodation and transportation there for a nice 2 nights local stay with extras for food too!

I'll still be going there for Friday meeting. I've been travelling heavily this past 2 months, and my personal monthly budget is getting haywired... haaih..really looking forward for the year to finish.


suituapui said...

I read somewhere that Mee Bandung originated from Muar and not from Bandung, Indonesia... Here, we even have mee Hongkong! Yet to go and try that!

amieyalen said...

Muar? I don't know what food to recommend you when you're in Muar... all I know is, I am so jealous... you macam orang kerja cabin ja... keep on traveling here and there.... *jealous*.... change your profession la...kekekeke

Sumuk said...

Bandung, Hongkong, Jawa.. i'm not sure where KL will fit in ahah!

Amiey : your time will come. someday :)

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