Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Mai Ke Penang 2

Continuation from Mai Ke Penang Day 1

We woke up at about 10am. Our lower body part ached due to the long, i mean very long walk we had the night before. Imagine walking from Gurney Drive to Georgetown. It's like walking from Pudu to Old Klang Road, or further, i think.

After shower, we left our room 12pm on the dot, and feel sorry for leaving the air-conditioned room. We made our way to Komtar, planned to have Nasi Kandar at Kayu nearby, but it was closed. So we went to Georgetown White Coffee, which looks like Oldtown White Coffee, but recipe were not the same at all. I didn't want to have our lunch there, but I think Babai was so hungry and miss restaurant food he dragged me there instead of looking for some hawker stalls around.

My opinion on this Georgetown White Coffee food?

Very dissappointing.

This nutmeg drink was quite nice but tooo sweet, I had to ask for extra ice.

This Hong Kong Mee was so diluted and not nice at all!

And this prawn meehon was the biggest disappointment of all. Don't be deceived by it's good looks.

I'll never set foot here anymore.

Later on, we headed to the Bus Station under the Komtar building and took a U204 Rapid Bus to go to Bukit Bendera (Penang Hill). It cost RM1.50 per person.

Reached there at about 2.45pm, and our trip up was scheduled at 4pm. The ticket is RM8/pax/2 way.

Scenery upon reaching the highest station..

On top of Bukit Bendera, a temple...

A rest house.. or what it used to be..

Choo chooo..

Hey, you need my help to carry that?

We checked the taxi fare from Bukit Bendera to Queensbay Mall, which is nearer to the airport, and it'll cost RM35, eventhough in the end he offered RM30. I was very unhappy, so we decided to take a walk down to the main road to look for other taxi or bus. On the way, we found this Asia Cafe. Of course, we have another Asia Cafe in Subang, but the Penang Asia Cafe's is not as big. The stall operator are mostly locals too.

Inside of Asia Cafe. Very nice..

We had apom. It tasted just like Love Letter, crispy but soft at the center. Tasted just nice, not too sweet and not overloaded with santan. Very delightful!

We had Char Kuey Teow and Char Hor Fun... this one was nice!

In the end, at 7.30pm we decided to take the bus back to Komtar, and from there we took another cab to the airport, which still cost us RM30 (after bargain).

Our flight was slightly delayed, and we reached KL close to midnight. I'm glad that we enjoyed ourselves very much. It was so nice to have companion along for a trip, especially if 'sama palak' :D

We look forward to come again to Penang in the future!


amieyalen said...

Hws the food there? I heard about the pedas pedas one... I mean, food there smua pedas2 compared here in Kuching...

cyrildason said...

Aiyo.. now, really want to go to penang.

Yeah, it doesn't cost 'that' much, but still... have to put down priorities first.

but trust me, after your post, penang is definitely in my list!


suituapui said...

Penang, must not go to Old Town or places like that! Hit the hawker stalls - food is nice and cheap! Can really makan puas2!!!

Sumuk said...

amiey : not pedas. it's fusion of all things :D

cyril : go go shop for free tix!

suituapui : tell that to my Mr! ahaha!

Anonymous said...

aiyooo... damn... that georgetown white coffee...make penang ppl malu only...

actually hor sumuk...in my whole life..i never step into that gerogetown white coffee shop also..haha...

but asia cafe...not bad... but not the best available... but then again... can't expect you guys to know where to go source for great hawkers food... generally all hawkers food in penang are acceptable... :)

Sumuk said...

i was not keen on going into it, but i think my hubby was hoping that they are as good as Oldtown White Coffee over here. Too bad that was not the case.

We know that most hawker food in Penang are great, cos I dont believe they'll survive for long if they were any less than good. Oit, Asia Cafe operator oso hawker's operated maa... the food were equally great hehe..

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