Sunday, July 19, 2009

Satay Celup in Malacca

Too bad I didn't bring any camera, and we were so busy savouring the food that none of my colleagues took any photo too. Otherwise, some of my readers here surely will be salivating mercilessly in front of their pcs haha!

On our way back to KL from Muar last Thursday, my colleagues have been influencing me to stop by in Malacca to have Satay Celup. Their first description of this satay celup scared me. The sounds of having to share my satay dipping with the whole people on the table almost killed my appetite. But then I was informed that actually the satay which is like lok-lok style, in raw form, is cooked in the hot satay dipping, taken out and consumed immediately.

I was kinda tired and anxious to reach KL before dark and intend to stop by only at R&R, but they all looked so frustrated, I changed my mind reluctantly. I don't want to be labelled 'not sporting', and since 3 of them are my juniors and I would like to also have bonding time with them, hence the detour.

Capitol Satay Celup is located at Bandar Hilir, just a block or two away from Jonker Street. Before we reached there, my colleagues already remind me that there might be long queue. They kept on talking excitedly about the food, and I tried my best to keep an open mind without any preconceived judgement. True enough, we had to wait for another 3 tables to be available before getting ours.

I much prefer the Satay Kajang crushed Kuah Kacang, but to be fair, satay celup is a new experience to me. The central attraction of the satay celup depended mostly on its gravy. The outlet guarded their recipe very fiercely that no take-away is allowed. Let me try describe satay kacang in words without the photo. Its full of herbs and spices, almost similar to Sarawak Laksa spices, added with chillies and lots of fine peanut. Ermm.. I think that's about it. For me, it was still so-so, until I ate the fresh prawn. I was so surprised by its freshness and it's taste against the gravy that I ate ever so slowly with my eyes slightly close. My colleagues had to ask me whether I'm ok with the food. I couldn't answer but just gave them a satisfied smile hehe..

Overall, it was a thumbs-up, the satay celup by Capitol Satay Celup Restaurant in particular is a must have if you intend to visit Malacca someday. It open from 5.30pm to midnight I think, and it cost RM0.70 per stick. This shop is also heavily patronized by tourists and locals alike.


Robert Lau said...

Satay Celup is an acquired taste..I didn't like it at first...but when one gets used to is uniquely tasty.

Have you tried the Spicy Wanton mee in Malacca....DELICIOUSLY SPICY.


Sumuk said...

Hi Robert, thanks for visiting.

I agree, to eat satay celup, one needs guts and lots of encouragement, just like I had haha. But since I love satay kacang, so naturally I can readily accepted satay celup taste too.

I never tried spicy wanton mee that you mention, but i might have had it in Singapore. So far, I still prefer the original wantan sweetness.

amieyalen said...

sounds yummy!!!!! *salivating*

Sumuk said...

amiey : try google for Capitol Satay Celup, you'll get to see the photos :D

suituapui said...

I love satay celup but I prefer the Singapore style where you cook in boiling water and eat by dipping in the kuah satay. Here,I think you dip in the kuah satay...bubbling like volcano lava!!! LOL!!!

Sumuk said...

you are right about the volcano lava, it was very intimidating at first, and still is hiihih!!

cyrildason said...

I can't imagine it... but So far, most satay do taste nice.

Your post does remind me of eating Nasi Dulang for my very first time in JB a few years back..

gree said...


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