Thursday, June 11, 2009

Indefinite Block

Since the day we were asked to sign the indemnity form for licensed software, I noticed more and more online sites and chats has been blocked by our system admin. It won't be long before blogspot and facebook will be blocked too.


Back to work.


amieyalen said...

Susah la wna see you update your blog lagi kan? huhuhuhuh and even on FB....

One Other ... said...

here they just banned (not blocked) FB and blogspot during working hours. funny thing is, none of the bosses seems to heed. hoho

Sumuk said...

Amiey : Enjoying my freedom while I still can! :d

One Other : Nyak ya. The bosses mean including u nak? Aharks!
p/s: busy juak u.. lamak menghilang..

One Other ... said...

the bigger bosses, hahaha. im only a lil' boss. but yes, me included.

p/s: nang jak bz, sik ku tauk apa nak polah ku sampai gia gilak. lol. i visited, sometimes i x sempat comment.

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