Wednesday, May 6, 2009


*mischievous grin*

We were asked to sign an indemnity form releasing the company from the responsibility of softwares contained in our pcs'. Then again, they were hesitant to buy for us the original software which we needed badly to carry out our daily work, due to insufficient budget.

How can this be?

It's like asking us to go to a war with an unloaded gun.

P/s: I'm shaking leg, not enough software to do my work at the moment. :D


nur enjel said...

hmm...bos ku gia juak .......luckily, my job doesn't require that much software.

fonsusz said...

shaking leg sambil peluk bantal dlm opis, mesti boss ko 'sorry my mistake'.

suituapui said...

Funny...thought all software company must sediakan? Maybe for others you download youself (for personal use during office time...Hehehehehe!!!), ok lah!

Sumuk said...

nur enjel : for us, we have no choice. we can't afford to draw on drawing board anymore :(

fonsusz: *mischievous grin*

suituapui : that's the problem with most 'chinamen' company. low overhead, maximum profit, with whatever means!

cyril said...

hahah... company want to save cost. but want the workers to get into trouble..

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