Monday, May 4, 2009

Food For The Soul

I am in no way near perfect being a Christian, and I have so many things that I still need to learn.

I have however notice some strange practice done by parishioners (not all) who rushed out to go home immediately after receiving The Eucharist. This prompted me to probe further, as I need to verify what I felt was kinda not right. This is one of my findings that I want to share with you.

"Thanksgiving after Communion is a spiritual practice among Christians who believe in the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist they receive during Holy Communion, maintaining themselves in prayer for some time to thank God for what they believe to be the great gift of receiving God Himself in person."

Q. What should we do after Holy Communion?
A. After Holy Communion we should spend some time in adoring Our Lord, in thanking Him for the grace we have received, and in asking Him for the blessings we need.

This is an example given by St Philip Neri:

"Once Saint Philip Neri noticed that a parishioner usually left the church immediately after receiving Holy Communion. To correct him, he told two acolytes to accompany the man with lighted candles as he walked home. The people in the streets stared in surprise. When the man returned to St. Philip to ask why, St. Philip replied, "We have to pay proper respect to Our Lord, Whom you are carrying away with you. Since you neglect to adore Him, I sent two acolytes to take your place." Realizing his fault, the man knelt and made proper thanksgiving after Holy Communion."

Source : The
If you can spend few minutes of your busy time, click the link to find out more.

Another point is that, some people immediately leave the church after the thanksgiving, or before the priest/celebrant even reach the exit. It's a bit weird if you visit somebody's house, and you left the house without waiting for the host to finish what they were saying right? Even in normal life we waited for the VIP to leave before we make our own exit..

Just some food for the soul..


Anonymous said...

Oops! Hahahahaha! But we can give allowances to old people who can't walk properly or very slowly, sick people, people whose cars are blocking others - parking always a pain in churches...

Sumuk said...

Hehe.. I know what you mean by parking at churches. it can be a real headache at times.

Willie said...

A good thought.

cyril said...

hahah. true.. true.. I noticed the same thing too!!

and another one, people come late, to park at the 'best spots', and leave early with the reason the need to move their cars...

but i guess its better than those whom park at those 'perfect spots', but take their time leaving, creating a huge traffic jam!

Sumuk said...

heheh. Sunday as Sabbath day is suppose to be a day for spiritual thing, where we are suppose to leave behind, or slow down our normal hectic daily activities.

or maybe we can try leave our hp no on the screen next time? :D

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