Sunday, June 7, 2009

Wishing This Can Go On

On Friday after work, we went to Alamanda Putrajaya to watch Terminator. Compare to watching Angels & Demons last week where we have to crane our neck seating on the first row, this time we at least made it to the second row..

I was actually pretty excited and looking forward for the weekend as Babai suggested we should go to Malacca 'jalan-jalan cari makan'. Came Saturday, he still had a slight fever, and we woke up pretty late as the movie finished on midnight. Malacca canceled, and Babai gave another suggestion, either we drive up to Genting, or we go to Kuala Klawang to look for bamboo. He even mentioned Cameron Highland! What gets into him I wonder.

As we were deciding where to go, we went to have chicken rice nearby. It was quite disappointing, does not worth to mention here. In the end, we decided to go to Kuala Klawang as I still feel tired over my travelling and not wished to overnight anywhere else.

You may wonder what's up with the bamboo right? Hehe.. Babai has been talking many times about making 'pansoh', Sarawak or more specifically Iban style of cooking meat in bamboo. Why not, since Gawai last for one month and the Gawai Eve barbeque we had at a friends' place last Sunday left me feeling unsatisfied.

Klawang is located in between Hulu Langat, Selangor and Jelebu, Negeri Sembilan. All this while when I asked Babai to describe the scenery during his weekly riding, he would always say it's a country road and there is nothing to see. Obviously he was lying!

Beautiful isn't it??.. Just to prove to you I was there.


The roadside bamboo where we got some of our bamboo. Had war with leech in there euuwww.. I was pretty sensitive so I managed to ward it off before it bite me, while Babai was a bit unlucky he had two on his feet yuck!!

On the way back we bought some durians and mangosteen by the roadside. 2 of that durian cost me a whooping RM28. Despite feeling cheated because it has more biji than it was suppose to, it tasted great.

Called few friends over to share our food that night. We just love to share great food together with friends :D

Halal version of pansuh..

And the non-halal version :D

Life is great!


cdason said...

hows angels vs demons?? I'm thinking of wacthing it.

hoho.. Oyuok... yumm!!

Willie said...

Eh! How was the terminator movie?

The river is beatiful and i can't wait for durian season in Kuching to come. Sudah lapar sudah ni.

Pansuh? So far, i haven't eaten one since gawai. We had lots of BBQ. Hehehe BBQ panga and siok.

Sumuk said...

cyril dason : Angels & Demon is a MUST WATCH movie, much better than the Da Vinci Code. I'm not saying anything else to keep the suspense *zipped mouth*

Willie : Terminator is ok. I don't know why, but I think it's slightly better than the latest X-Men.

suituapui said...

Drool! Drool! Didn't get to eat any pansoh! Anak not well on Gawai Day so I couldn't get to visit my Iban friends here... Sob! Sob!

Sumuk said...

Near yet so far eh..

See, we are far from home, yet we were so determined to have one we drove 200km to get the bamboo wor.. haha.. it was worth it. We are already planning to have another pansuh party, this time while having picnic at riverside :D

p/s: i envy your daughter.. her daddy pampered her with great food everyday!

amieyalen said...

The food... Yummy yummy!!!! *drooling*

One Other ... said...

oohhh!!! mosiek! mosiek! ada oyuok pansuh!

Sumuk said...

Amiey : Sodap bah tu!!

One Other : I bet u had a better one during Gawai? *sad*

One Other ... said...

i didnt really, didnt even celebrate. but ur photos look realllllyyyy nice! haha

Kris and Nadia said...

astaga.. punya main sedap.. emm.. wish to go there.. nanti kami p sana masak itu ya :) hihi

Sumuk said...

One Other : Aduh hei. Iboh lupak bernapas aok! Sineila u pegi Gawai tek?

Nadia : Ko pernah cuba makan ni? It's first class u know haha!! Ko datang sini jgn lupa bawak sekali buluh dr Sabah, penat kami berperang dgn pacat di sini hahahah!!

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