Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mundane Day

Let me recap my activites in point form.

-finished work at 4am. Reached home 4.40am. Slept at 5am.
-woke up at 8am. Damn it. I needed more sleep.
-went to Bdr Tun Razak at 10am to submit the tender. Finally.
-Weather so hot. I lost 1kg within 3 days due to dehydration. Made appointment with a beauty centre. Felt so exhausted.
-Dropped by Chris house intended to see Baby Amoi, and tried to get some sleep there.
-Couldn't sleep. Love to layan Amoi.
-Went to have 'siu yuk' rice for lunch.
-Went to have spa and facial at 1.45pm. Feeling much much better.
-Immediately went to hair saloon at 5pm. Don't understand why shampoo girls thought we love them scrapping our head with their fingernails. My scalp must have been bleeding.
-Went home.
-Went out again with Babai at 6pm. Decided to have dinner at Sushi King at Jusco Equine.
-Bought some DVDs. The International, Marley and Me, Twilight.
-Slept on the couch after watching Twilight while Babai having a drink outside with Watt.
-Dreamt about Edward Cullen. What a nice dream..

-Babai woke me up at 8.30am to go to Restoren Woo Pin to have a Fish Head Noodle. Sorry babe, I pass this time. I just want some slept.
-Woke up at 10am after the intense heat. Showered.
-Babai gone to send my car to carwash. Love you honey!
-Clean up the house. Do laundry.
-Decided to cook. My first after 3 weeks :D
-Had our lunch at 3pm. Starving!
-Watched Marley & Me. Nice watch on lazy Sunday.
-Went out at 8pm crashgating Ngieng's place again.
-Went out for dinner at Puteri Mart's, Puchong with the Ngieng's family.
-Felt sleepy and went home immediately.
-Now watching The International.
-Afterwards need to read some material for the weeks ahead work.
-All this, while wishing I can just stay at home being a housewife!


amieyalen said...

so busy.... :D

Willie said...

Lost 1 Kilo? Is that a good news or bad news? Hahaha...and ehem ehem...did you buy the non-pirated VCD / DVD?

nur enjel said...

lost 1 kilo? best ya ..

hmm ..ya la , my friend also complaining about being busy here and there, as a wife , as a mother ...

better being single huh?

Sumuk said...

amiey : mmg busy.. sampei maok pegi toilet pun sik brani sbb sikda masa.

willie: not a good news if i lost it that way. the dvd? ermm.. hehe..

nur enjel: mmg busy sgt sgt.. what to do, life not being busy also is a boring life, at least for me.

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