Sunday, November 2, 2008

My Cold Cold Kitchen

I don't feel like writing much, but here's how we occupied ourselves during the weekend, stuffing ourselves silly..

We had our favorite Fish Head Noodle at Woo Pin Fish Head Noodles, Tmn Danau Desa, Old Klang Road for breakfast. Our place is quite a drive away from here. Whenever Babai suggest to have this, meaning he is either in a very happy mood, or he wanted to give me a treat just to see me happy yuhoo!!

My favourite.. Fresh Fish Head Meehon with milk. This is the best I've tested so far, no other place can beat this at the moment.

Babai had the Fried Fish version..

Ka Chai Assam Boi.. or whatever they call it.. so tasty. Great combination with the noodle to neutralize it. All thumbs up! Review by other blogger, Nine3Nine3

Since Babai was not riding this week, I thought I want to take the advantage by checking out Ikea at Damansara Utama. On our way there, somebody kissed Babai's car on the rear. The car just came out of workshop 2 weeks earlier for similar incident. Babai was in such a foul mood I had to treat him to Dome the moment we reached Ikano. We shared the Lot Burger, Mango Juice and Vanilla shake which to me were all overpriced. Chilli's would be our preferred choice for similar food by the way. No piccies though.

On our way back, I suggest to Babai to look for the Sarawak Kolo Mee around Tmn Megah, SS24 but I was not sure where exactly. We ended up at Ming Tien Court instead and ordered the so called Mee Kolok at one of the stall.

Day light cheating lah. Thumbs down! Not recommended to anyone. Don't even think of it! Nope! Don't you dare, you've been warned.. Err.. Did I make myself very clear to you? Good!

For dinner, I did not cook but Babai had the leftover of his birthday cake, which was Blueberry Cheesecake from Secret Recipe while I munched on some junk on the table. Lazy to cook, sorry!

Below was what we had for our breakfast on Sunday morning. We both ordered Dry Kueh Tiow with Pork Soup. The shop is Ming Choo Restaurant opposite Jusco Seri Kembangan. I like the Pork Soup, but if the Dry Kueh Tiow was top-up with fried pork fat bits, it would be so much nicer..

Thumbs up, but still have room for improvement..

Since I had ordered take away of Mee Kolok the day before, we had to make do with it for our lunch. Had wanted to throw it away, but when I thought of those people who are starving in the third world country, humphh.. tak jadilah...

For dinner, after finishing our RCIA class at SFX, PJ, we had Steam Chicken and Pork (Siew Yok) Rice at Ipoh Chicken Rice Restaurant, PJ. I made a mistake in ordering Soya bean, it made me extra stuffy afterwards. I like the Chicken Rice here, nothing special but not too bad for my fussy self. Review by other blogger, AlinaV

So that's it. I will post what we bought at Ikano. Not exactly my new hobby, but it's an old one I wanted to rekindled. So do come back to check my update soon :D

Ps: Ooppss I just realized I did not cook AT ALL for this weekend. Hah!


lvynana said...

bogo nya makanan yg sodap²

Sumuk said...

aduhh mun kau dtg kl, mun kau stay di cititel nak, coba jak pegi makan fish head noodle.. sik jauh dr midvalley ba.

One Other ... said...

really sumuk? where is that? i always stay at cititel, sik ku tauk ada fish head noodle sia. Looks really appetizing!

hope u dont gain kilos from ur venture dear. Hehehe.

Tikiyung said...

noodle tok pernah kluar 'Ho Chak'. tedah na juak mee kolok ya. kedai dkat SFX ada jual Hakka Stewed Pork, ada try sik?

Sumuk said...

one other :
i think shud be less than 1km fr cititel. u can use taxi, it's very convinient. i can draw u the map, just let me know when u need it. or i can always bring you there :D. same to u there lvynana!

kedei nok nei? nok ujung skali ya kah? dolok aku suka makan wantan mee sia, tapi mek org dah boikot kedei ya sbb sombong ngan sabahan/sarawakian. rami juak org sabahan/swkian nok dah boikot daknya. padan muka..

headsteadi said...

it's besides ming tien. the mee tomato stall is inside the corner lot coffee shop. sama row dngn kede 4D. if u know where fatty crab is, the shop is facing the back of fatty crab.

don't eat the laksa. it's a major disappointment. quite salty also. the bangsar one is far more superior. the tomato mee/k.toew is just so-so jak. too sourish and salty. daging nya seciput jak. ada indah pake crab meat. tapi mun setakat mok lepas gian ya ok lah ... still boleh terima gik

Sumuk said...

okok will try again. thanks a lot. good luck to us!

tikiyung said...

sik pernah makan wantan mee d kedei hujung ya. Hakka Stewed Pork ada d kedei tengah, but nok d bangsar(laksa stall) much better...but pergi mlm ada la jual.

Sumuk said...

okok will give that a try to.. abis laa dapur aku sik berasap sebulan2 tok muahahah!!!

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