Monday, November 3, 2008

Green Hand

I am not being known for a green hand, but nevertheless, it does excite me to watch things that I planted grow from the bud and become something pleasing to the eye. At the same time, after watching some stray flower blossoming single stalk of flowers in our bushy field full of weeds our mini garden, I found a secret on how to make my plant grow and give more flower buds.

It's fertilizer.... duh!!!

Last Saturday I told Babai I wanted to add to the collection of plants that I put there. Upon lvynana advice, I planned to potted my flower since the house we are staying right now is rented, and I don't want the landlord to get the benefit of my hardwork. And I thought I want to try do simple edible garden too. As usual, Babai just layan my whim muahahah...

So I bought some stuff at ACE Hardware in Ikano, Damansara Utama. Bought a small green potted plant from Ikea too.

My flower girl man. Macho or not?

My gears and equipment.. What do we have here? I chose sweet corn, decoration chili, sunflower seed and some shrub seedling for my first *cough* professional attemp. I had my Horti Organic Potting Mix, which was kinda expensive (RM10.50), Horti Jiffy Pot (RM5.50 for 5). Also bought a plastic pot, just in case my plants decided to grow overnight.

Here's a simple step to sow your plant.

Step 1: Do your sowing at night. This way your plant won't need fertilizer, or water, or sunshine. Ever.

Nolah. I made that up.
Fill up the Jiffy Pot with Horti Organic Potting Mix.

Damp the mixture with water. Drain the excess water.

Sow the seed. Here's sweet corn. My mom would definitely cringed if she knew I potted my corn haha. Temporary only la. Just my sterile test. I sowed the sunflower and the ornamental chillis too.

Put it under the shade, always make sure the mixture doesn't dry up, but not wet. By this morning, the shoot has already started to come out yahoo!! *Pat myself at the back*. That wasn't difficult isn't it?

Here's some of the plants that were already planted in the garden. Believe me, since a year ago, most of the plant doesn't really changed much in size. It only starting to show some improvement when I decided to spend RM2.50 for the Growth Fertilizer few weeks ago.

I called this Pokok Terbantut (Retarded Tree)

This Madagascar Periwinkle (Catharanthus roseus) with pink flowers was courtesy of MBSJ. Don't ask me how Babai got it. Anyway this stalk is secondary stalk, the original plant died, and miracolously some of it seed manage to drop here and there before it died.

I get to see new bud blossom every other day! Very nice to look at..

Lovely.. albeit a bit thin. Ok laaa. A lottt thin.

Not bad la. At least it looks healthier, and 1 stalk can at least produce more than 5 buds at one life span now. Even the stalk also produce extra branch now. Happy leh...

Some edible Plant..

Here's Pandan Tree/Leaves

Ginger.. This one almost grow in my kitchen under the table, before I remove it here aharks..

Soon I want to introduce lemongrass and tapioca here. Last time Babai forbid me to plant edible plant here, he said it was suppose to go at the back. Ah! Don't care, I must fight his much loved weeds!

Not sure what is this called. A year ago, it was only slightly smaller than this when I first planted it. Not edible though. Here I tried Urea Fertilizer. I just wanna see whether it will fasten its growth.. Trial and error only.

This one a bit like cheating la.. but is ok..

We'll see how they grow in a few weeks. I hope it will be raining, but not too much, so I don't have to water my plants oopsss!! Lazy bum!


tikiyung said...

yoyo...go the world!

One Other ... said...

D'ya think the pots can hold the corn when it grows? Do keep an update post! im dying to know!
(if my mom heard this, she'll cringe too).

p/s: love those cute painted toes. Haha

Sumuk said...

tikiyung :
save the cheerleader too!

One Other:
harhar!! sorry to dissappoint you, but the Jiffy pot i bought is made of wood bits, and once your plant overgrown the pot, you can plant the whole thing inside a bigger pot or onto the soil. me eager yet lazy... *sigh*

ps: ada jugak yg perasan *shy shy*

headsteadi said...

It should be green fingers. Green hand means a novice or a person who's immature;

One Other ... said...

Move it to bigger pots? or atas tanah? alamak... banyak kerja. bagus terus tanam atas tanah in the first place... *malas*

Sumuk said...

adeh dayung, masuk dlm pot mcm jaga baby bah.. sikla nyuruh nya jln terus.. mesti ngkah dlm uyut kasi tido, mesti pangku masa nenen etc etc. kuikui...

Sumuk said...

headsteadi : pun intended..

Sumuk said...

or half intended.. kuikui..

ps: thanks for pointing that out..

my other friends : oit, apa ni? takde org perasan ke? :p

One Other ... said...

... but how come aa, our sumuk semba tuak tanam jagung di sawah, buang atas tanah dalam lubang jak. tumbuh juak... mesti sebabnya di bandaraya kali nak. ada manja sikit. Hahaha

magma3637 said...

yo! i'm also enjoy gardening. glad to meet with someone that hv same hobby with me (",)y

Sumuk said...

aok, lebih kurang camya la kuikui..

ekceli, ada ku tikam seed jagung ya de bah pokok, tapi sik masuk dlm blog, sbb sik nampak pun. nok dlm pot ya experimen jak, sterile specimen la katakan.. mun nok debah pokok ya dah keluar, kelak ku madah :D.

tanah di rumah tok sik bagus gilak, sbb bekas construction. that's y semua tumbuhan2 yg sepatutnya membesar, sik jadi. tapi rumput2 yg sik diperlukan semua subur membiru. pelik hor?

Ramblin' Dude said...

Flower man? Should have him wearing a shirt with a big sunflower at the front, now that's a flower man

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