Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Basic Instinct

Did you guys hear about a motherly instinct where a mother can sleep through a storm, and yet they immediately wake up to their baby's crying from across a closed-door room?

Babai was laughing at me, that I can slept through a Fast and Furious movie, and yet woke up with a jolt just by a droplet of rainwater at 4am in the morning. Of course, that's a survival instinct, nobody want to sleep in the rain right?


cyril dason said...

well. i think you got it right here.. but you slept through fast and furious?? That movie has so many bangs and boomsss.. how could you sleep?? Must be very tired..or the movie was just dull..

Sumuk said...

i couldnt explain it either. i slept through so many of action movies, including The International and one Angelina Jolie's movie (i forgot the name). Most of the time, it's because I was tired. Then again, generic action movie can bored me sometimes..

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