Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Take Cover

Ngeh ngeh ngeh..

Did you see my devil horns stump came out from my head?

Haha. My bos is in Morocco and won't be back until mid of April. And my manager would be in China and might be back only next week. And that's make me, yes you guess right, my own boss bwahaha... so happy ehh..

But not really that happy larr. Both of them has already assigned me to run the office in their absence, and that means I have to take over some of their duties tsk tsk. Why can't they just leave me alone? Haha. Well, at least I got something to occupy myself in between blog hopping and facebooking. Not that I do much of facebooking (cheh..)

Life is great, traffic is so much better with the school holiday at the moment. After being reprimanded for my recent 'VIP arrivals' last week, I managed to come on time. I have been abusing my car braking system so much being stucked in the jam, at least I can give it a rest for this week.

I have already drafted out my schedule until year end, but I am still waiting for the right time to send to my boss to discuss in detail. Hopefully he wouldn't jump off the chair looking at the amount of time I'd be missing from the office. Well, one's got to do what one's got to do huh..

Oh I should talk less about my works now, I don't want my boss reading my blog one day hehe. Erm.. as I have said before, I've been more private then ever since my marriage, out of respect for my dear hubby. The least I want is to become a target of attention by revealing too much of my personal life unlike some bloggers around, oh you know who. Of course, they might say that it would be boring just to talk about anything under the sun but not the drama in our life to increase their traffic, but I just don't get it when they jeopardized their relationship, exposed their loved one, interrupted their daily life, or even their own precious life just for a BLOG forgodsake. Drama drama drama..


lvynana said...

Good morning boss!

One Other ... said...

Jom gi minum boss!

Sumuk said...

Ah OO.. good mornin.. eish.. sik biasa org nunggah bos eh. One Other maok blanja ka? Bos tok miskin sikit.


amiey alen said...

you dah kawen?
i thought u lagi single tau,,,huhuhuh :(

One Other ... said...

No problem! Tall coffee jak la.
will have to forego the choc indulgence. By-election. kering juak. hehe

Sumuk said...

amiey : baru jak..

One Other : Itu choc indulgence saya boleh..

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