Monday, March 16, 2009

Baby Killer

Last night I killed a baby. I don't know whether it was a baby girl or baby boy, and whether I was really guilty. But everybody was accusing me of murdering the baby, including my own husband.

Wah. Really the dream was so vivid, it ran just like a movie, with a proper storyline and plot, complete characters and even have its own climax. At one point, I even asked myself and one of the character whether that is all just a dream, and if yes, I should wake up from it. It was soooo surreal I was cooing myself before I woke up to the actual world.

It started like this. In the dream, yes I was married. I was taking care of a shop, and I was babysitting a baby and a bigger boy together with my eldest sister. After tired of playing games, we fell asleep hugging each other, with the baby in the middle. Then, in my sub-consciousness, I saw something sparks from the middle of us. I saw the baby burning, yet I couldn't really wake myself up in my dream of my dream. When we woke up, we saw the marks of the burnt with only a blackish stump left. I was shocked. Somehow, people start to hear about what happened, and everybody was accusing me. I defended myself fiercely, but I was defeated when my husband also did not respond to my pleading for him to believe me.

I left for hiding, not knowing what to do. Somehow, I met this one girl. She was actually a person who changed her identity due to whatever reason (something like Witness Protection Progrmame in FBI). On the other hand, she was also hiding from something she was accused of. She advised me to do the same, by going to the border near Sg Golok (?) and looked for a man to do all the necessary stuff e.g erased my record from the Registry, and create a new me. I went back to my husband to seek permission. Somehow, the girl looked interested in my husband, and I suspected my husband also might have some interest if not because of me. The girl, my husband and me drove all the way to Kelantan, and I was asked to adorn tudung (purdah).

While going up the building to see the man, my husband wanted a quickie (wtf) with me on the staircase. The girl went down to see what we were doing, and saw that we just had sex. Then and there, she knows that my husband still loves and wanted me. Sigh. Ei? What kind of plot is this?

After that, I was left alone to lead my own life. Somehow, I also found a Christian man, who have to adorn turban and we acted like a Muslim husband and wife. Yet, we lead a double life by still practising Christianity and reading bible. I know, it's getting weird right? Then, while leading our live that way, we went back to my place to try to find out who was actually the baby killer, and how did it happened.

We did not managed to find the killer at the end of my dream, but I had concluded that it was a black magic. Waking up to the real world, I whined to Babai that I just killed a baby in my dream. His response?

"That's why larr. You've been watching too much Weeds!"

Eh..Excuse me? What does Weeds got anything to do with baby killer??


One Other ... said...

Weeds? last friday was Friday the 13th... maybe got lil connection. Sumuk and her wild imaginations. :-O Time to er..... make baby?

nur enjel said... ..macam macam ...haha

Sumuk said...

One Other : Well.. it's not my imagination, I would never imagined killing a baby :D

nur enjel : nangada!

amiey alen said...

i thought it was u really killed a baby.... :(

Sumuk said...

suspense a bit only.. hehe..

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