Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fly on the Sky

Been trying to catch my breath humphh humph.
I can't even think of what I want to write, was so occupied with my work I couldn't remember my past few days in detail.

Ok now I remember. Was in Kuching for the weekend for Woman In Pink's sister's wedding. It was fun, I had fun myself, got to shed some tears at the church and received some scolding for being old-school hopelessly romantic. Not much alcohol drink for me except I got a new liking for the white Port wine, which we brought all the way from KL. I had such a big dilemma on what to wear for the wedding, but thanks to Babai's sis who became my supplier cum make-up artist cum driver haha. Anyway congratulation to the newlywed, Cindy and Sonny!

Been preparing mentally for a long journey away from home soon :( . I have to renew my passport by tomorrow as I'll be attending a tender interview in Singapore this Friday. Sigh I don't feel like going at all, cos I have to do some talking and bullshitting all by myself, instead of my boss.

Ok need to catch some sleep now, have to be at Imigresen PKNS Shah Alam by 8am.

See ya!


Willie said...

Heheh...thanks for the update. You are so good for having to fly back to Kuching to attend a wedding. The couples must be close to you. And Singapore? seems ages since i left Singapore. Please send my regard to Singapore!....ta ta

One Other ... said...

Nak ole ole...

Cyril Dason said...

Work is catching up with everyone I guess..

and when you say.. old school romantic.. I don't know why.. I felt.. WOW!!

by the way, changed my domain...

Previously known as cdason

Sumuk said...

Willie : This month been a busy one for us. But we went through it successfully and looking forward for the 3rd month of the year :D

One Other : Sik sempat deng!

Cyril : Yep, noted!

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