Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tired La..

Sigh.. finally able to relax a bit. Done most of my work. In the office at the moment, waiting for my turn to have discussion with Boss.

Yesterday trip went quite well. Not much on my part because the client does not really know the technical aspect but was only interested to know the reason why our price was higher than the other competitor. From the way I see it, since we were the one who put up the Technical Specification, and providing that the other competitor followed diligently, there should be no way that the other guy could have made a mistake in terms of design, except in terms of quantity offered. Because of that, I saved myself from having to do any bullshitting haha.. After the interview, since I still have time before my flight back, I helped to brainstorm with our Singapore counterpart to find out the area where our quantity might have differed. Managed to finish on time, and I had enough time at Changi airport to browse the stuff there. Was looking at the Duty Free handphone. Been wanting to have a touchscreen phone so badly hehe. Anyway, I decided not to buy anything because of the higher exchange rate at the moment.

I prayed that today Babai's weekly ride will be a smooth one. Feel like catching a movie or something. Even thinking of cooking and cleaning the house. Our laundry been piling up for 1 week. Sigh. But. Maybe not. I am just damned tired loh.


One Other ... said...

let's have another coffee soon! im mentally down as well.

Sumuk said...

been looking for you anyway.. come down la.. u better catch me soon.

One Other ... said...

hahaha... i might be a stone-throw away from u again soon. will catch you up.

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