Friday, January 9, 2009


Feeling sad.
Heart broken.

This is such a small world. Why did the past catching up with me?
It's not my past that I want to remember.

Didn't I tell you before?
"Delete whatever need to be erased.
Throw whatever need to be disposed off."

Now I hate Internet.
I hate Google.
And I hate Facebook!

I wished I didn't know. I wished I never found out the name. The face. The history.

Everybody seems to know everyone.
And everyone knows everything.
And yet no one tells me nothing.
Until I found it out myself.

And now I am getting paranoid.

Why is this happening to me?

I don't feel like going on anymore...
What am I gonna do...



Hamidah Mohamad said...

Oh My God! don't tell me you catch the 'virus' from one other hehe..sorry yeah joking only. Take it easy and relax my friend,that feelings are sometime temporary.Need to work it out and get it out of your system.

Willie said... do?

lvynana said...

ilek bih, isap gam lok, bak kata odop muk geh ;)
internet world is like tat ma.

One Other ... said...

Dayung, pls dont tell me u got that 'virus' from me (like kak midah said). *sad*. ur right. now no one is invisible, thats almost like what happened. But, what happened? tell me...

cdason said...

Wah.. this virus getting serious... I got the same virus as well..

Frankly, people should undersatnd.. "shit happens, and the past should be forgotten..."

Ahh.... The internet is bad, and now I know why I only have my FS.. and deleted my other accounts.

amiey alen said...

i am hurt by internet..sometimes internet ruined our life...

but not internet mistakes,but people are abusing internet as the place for them to take revenge....

by the way,i linked this post for my post... i hope you don't mind... :D

Tikiyung said...

rileks bih dayung...posa internet 1mth as a starter misti manyak berkesan punya!

Sumuk said...

Kak Midah:
don't be surprise if we two girls having PMS the same day. girls normally stick together kan? i know, i think i just need time to accept things as it is. nothing i can do about the past.

willie: women! *roll eyes*

lvynana : aokla. anybody want to share my gam? anyone?

One Other: u tell me story, i tell you story k.. over coffee or our kayak paddling :D. come over to kl visit me someday. MAS ada promo RM99 all-in one way bah!

yea.. what a coincidence, although we are at the opposite ends. I am actually seriously thinking of deleting my FB, never been a big fan anyway. but to do that, it shows my immaturity in handling issues like this. Things also might not be as bad as I thought.

we will get through this certainly.. and learn something valuable in return. hope that we don't let it get to us in a bad way.

tikiyung: jak isap gam!

cdason said...

not really about maturity, but about protecting whom you care about.

One Other ... said...

Over coffee or kayak paddling? Sounds good. I'll let u know dayung. Sigh.. maybe we do have something in common there...

Sumuk said...

with maturity, you'll be able to think more sensibly and less emotionally, and able to see that things might not be as bad as we thought. with maturity, someone that you thought you are protecting are able to handle themselves better when faced with this kind of turmoil, without us running to them always to comfort them when sometimes it is not comfort that is required, but time, space and understanding. it is a battle that have to be face by each person. if the person cannot handle that, then you both might have a hard time. so yes, it is about maturity. i believe someday you will understand.

We couldnt protect our love ones from the sad and hurtful past all the times, cos things does not always work as how we wanted it. Well, unless we are God larr. So when things happen the way it is, maturity and sensibility can ensure that you'll both 'survive the storm' when the weather becomes bad. It has to come from both parties i guess.

One Other:
haha.. we'll find out more..

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