Tuesday, January 6, 2009


It's not the type of camping that I wanted, or the one you imagined. In case if you have been wondering about my absence from my blog since I came back from Kuching last Saturday.. I have been camping in my office beginning Monday, on my first day back in the office for the year. The battle for the mega tender still continue, and I had to pick up at whatever things they had left for me. My mind has been working slowly yet urgingly trying to analyzed the info and minimise error in the process.

Our team had been working non-stop since Christmas eve, right through the New Year and up to this day during my absence. Everybody seems to be walking like a zombie, and some are having allergy symptoms to the office environment. They have been working hard, and I know they envied me. But they shouldn't be, cos I would not say that my holiday was truly a holiday.

In fact, I was quite exhausted and had been having trouble sleeping since before Christmas. Lots of thing happened during my trip back, and the days went by so fast I felt like I was seeing images passing by while I'm in a train. Now that I'm back in the office, I felt like I'm cut-off from this world, if not thanks to the updated blog from others. On the other hand, the weekend ahead is already filled with ESS Seminar at SFX, after my half-day work in the office.

*Sigh*.. I.. I'm tired..


One Other ... said...

I tot u meant camping outdoor! haha. if so, i intended to invite myself. Tak jadi... Ah. As long as u take a good rest after the mega project is awarded/over, then we can go camping for sure!!!

Take it easy dayung. It's the New Year.

Gallivanter said...

Indoor camping eh? It definitely sucks...I've experienced that before...

Willie said...

Oh my Goodness... i Forgot you were in Kuching. I should have called you and lepak between my family and your family. Welcome back to work. Hehehe i hope you enjoyed your holiday.

cdason said...

so many people having sleeping disorders this new year.

Hope your work gets done, and you get a good night sleep.

Sumuk said...

one other:
argh.. talk abt the outdoor camping..sigh.. miss those days so much. too bad ur far from me, otherwise we can make an impromptu adventures over the weekend.

gallivanter :
paid camping :D

willie :
is ok, mine is already a handful. am looking forward for another short trip back next month.

yea.. maybe the fact this year gonna be a tough one. then again, hope works will never finish, cos it means we have money to bring home at the end of the day :D

Ramblin' Dude said...

sikda lepak ngan umor 12-24 tahun.. masa sebelum christmas, Happy New Year!

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