Monday, January 12, 2009


This is quite a sensitive issue, one that I hope I will never write.
But it seems that someone is taking my friendship for granted.

I hate it when money can become a barrier between a friendship. I hate it when I am being used. I do not mind if he/she might be facing difficulty maybe once or twice in their life, and they have tried every other method without success before coming to me. I don't mind helping people who are really in need, as long as it is within my means. But what irked me is that they forgot that this is actually a small world, and we make friends with other friends, who eventually talked about his/her history, financial that is.

Sometimes, it is not the amount that matter, but the principle my dear. My respect for him/her have gone down a notch, but I do not wish to have a broken friendship with him/her at all. It's precious to me, hopefully he/she is one friend worth keeping forever.. Proof me right please..

Seems like this is one's past that we cannot just buried :(


Hamidah Mohamad said...

Its true that lending money put us at risk of losing friendship especially when the other party fail to honour their promise.Honestly I feel a person who used and take advantage of our generosity doesn't deserve our friendship at all.

Sumuk said...

Despite this particular broken promise, everything else seems to be perfect. That is why i still have hope for this friendship. Then again, no worry, I will not let history repeat itself or as Malay proverb describe it best, "pisang berbuah dua kali"

lvynana said...

Aku mun dpt nang sik mok pinjam duit dari/ngan orang. Isu $$ tok mmg terlalu sensitive!
Pegi polah loan bank la..kami bukan along..kiki

Sumuk said...

lerr.. patutla ko sik mok bagi aku pinjam RM20k dolok. Lokek!


One Other ... said...

If you borrow and you promise to pay, make sure you live up to your word, because as a friend, kita pun sik maok tagih hutang nak and as my friend I hope you faham-faham jak lah kan. Aku pun mun boleh sik mok pinjam/loan $ dgn kawan, unless kawan ya aku tauk nya good paymaster ok lah. :-) Sabar dayung.

Sumuk said...

Entahler.. mun sik diberi pinjam, kita pulak serba salah. tapi masalah org nok mmg ada history biasa pinjam duit org tok, kali daknya dah sik lalek. dah sekda perasaan kali.

cdason said...

I don't believe in lending money to friends, except close ones.. and even then, I would makesure the ammount is not substantial.

The past, will never be burried. I learned it the hard way. :(

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