Monday, December 1, 2008

Let's Be Together

Before I get lazy, here's the photos during the Dayak Bidayuh National Association (DBNA) - Klang Valley First AGM and launching of their website last Saturday at Restoren Pucuk Ubi, TTDI, Damansara..

Opening Speech by Protem Chairman, Mr Thomas Daling

Speech by Mr Walter Dior, Secretary of DBNA. He came all the way from Kuching to witness this momentous event.

Lauching of DBNA Klang Valley website by Mr. Walter Dior.

A shot for the mementos..

I did not take much photos.. having PMS like One Other (infection tsk..) no mood to get up and walk around. Was so painful until I had to take two Ponstan just to make the event bearable.

By the way, I had jokingly said during the introduction session that I wanted to go back and settle down at my own homeground, but my service seems not to be wanted by my own homeland.

Hold and behold, somebody was so quick to come to conclusion, came to me and said, 'why do you want to go back so fast. Stay here and acquire more knowledge for yourself so that you'll be more saleable when you return. My son bla bla bla..' and he couldn't even hear my reply..

Sir, with all due respect, and not mean any disrespect at all to the people who have been working in Sarawak (pls don't comment and say I'm high and mighty ya) .. it is actually not the problem of me not having enough knowlegde that I wasn't able to get a job back there.

It is because, 'I Am Over-Qualified.' .. Haha! :p

Well, my head is too big for myself.


Willie said...

Aiseyman...they have DBNA in KL? Respek la

Sumuk said...

they have gone a long way... but it's happening.. it materialize now thanks to some of the visionaries and all the supporters..

One Other ... said...

Oh tedah PMS. hope it's passed now. Sikpa, ur overqualified for a good reason. :-)

Hey anyway, tahniah! You've been tagged! Please visit my bliog for more info! Hihi

Sumuk said...

adoi.. sekda panjang agik kah dayung?

One Other ... said...

Hehe. Just returning the favour hon. Blame the originator, not me. :-P

Desmond said...

Well, we do look forward for your return one day, gotta contain these brain drain from Sarawak coz we do need 'qualified' people to develop our State :) but just be ready to be posted to cowboy towns in the interior.... most people zero in to bigger towns to ply their skills and trade but yeah, we do lack skilled people with your would be great to have someone to chat with in a small town like Sri Aman :) i think i am the only blogger in this town

Sumuk said...

The longer I stay here, the more difficult it is for me to go back.. unless I become a full time housewife. Judging from the projects I handled, it might have scared my prospective employers in Kuching/Sarawak because they worried I'd be asking too much.

As I am into construction, we have not much choice but looking into the city cos there is where opportunity is abundant. I have been challenged to be sent/assigned to remote areas, but it was no sweat for me cos it is actually my playground. But being a woman and used to big city, they didn't really buy it. So it's their loss I guess.

Regarding brain drain, it is also not easy to penetrate the market there at this moment as lots of good position is by 'cable', and people like me does not have any cable to pull. Which is another loss there..

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