Sunday, November 30, 2008

Not Meant to Be Busybody

...............but suddenly it crossed my mind.

....if yoga is banned by Muslim in this country because it has Hinduism element in it, then surely Ramli Ibrahim must have been wayyyyy 'menyimpang' out of his religion..

poor guy.. he might be the target next..


tracifish said...

If my computer weren't acting funny, I'd click "Raml Ibrahim" and have it open in another link.

Anyway, by my amazing power of inductive reasoning(LOL), I'm guess- ing you're not a Muslim.

What is 'menyimpang'?

Sumuk said...

hi tracifish:

fyi, Ramli Ibrahim is a very well known dancer and dance teacher, and he specialized in Indian classical dance. Ramli Ibrahim is a Malay, and a Muslim since the last time I heard :D.

You are right, Im not a Muslim so I try not to be a nosey prick when it comes to other's people religion.

Menyimpang is a Malay word for 'deviating'.

Hope to see around more :D

Willie said...

Actually, i Have never tried YOga. So... I didn't even realized that it has a mantera or something. Gee

Sumuk said...

me neither, i've never done any yoga. but from what i know, the modern yoga does not have mantra, non-Buddhist or non-Hindus can skipped that, so it is not a big issue. but the problem that the edict bearer see is in the pose itself.. some of the pose are questionable (was-was) to them, so rather than they taking the risk deviating from their teaching, it's better for them to ban it all together. hmm.. that's what i understand so far.

One Other ... said...

Perhaps if we call it by a different name, Pilates, it will be less controversial. Or Stretching. It's the same thing. Make do without the 'Ommm' then it's relatively harmless.

But what do people who doesnt practice stretching know about, right? I bet if stretching (aka yoga) is good for you and is proven to have saved life, they'd make it legal now. Which just shows how menyimpang THAT cud be. :-)

Sumuk said...

Hehe.. Let's leave it to themselves to decide for their own good.. as long as it does not affect others like us.

Desmond said...

I saw a friend do it and I was trying to figure out how it was different from the strecthing exercises or the different positions we 'do it'....but still don't get it...

Sumuk said...

Desmond :
Doing it and looking only is two different thing. yoga is about meditation and stretching specific area of your body. for the exercise that 'we do', the concentration does not last as long. from what i understand, the longer you can stay in a correct yoga position, the better you are. if we can achieve that in 'our exercise' than we can declare that it is also part of yoga LOL!!!

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