Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I had been having a nagging back pain for the past 2 weeks. I thought it would be gone by itself, and it might be caused by natural ageing :p. But after driving and sitting in the car for outstation jobs for hours last week, I started to have difficulty sitting and and lying down, especially when I was about to sleep and woke up in the morning. So yesterday I went to clinic for a referral letter to see specialist.

To understand my paranoia, Babai also had similar backpain. He had it for almost a year, and we both thought it might be because of his mattress. After a year, he couldn't take it anymore and literally forced his GP, who has been treating him with doses of painkillers and reluctant to give him the referral letter. In the end, the specialist found out the he have a slip disc and need to be given treatment for the period of 3 months. Luckily his problem has yet to require a surgery, or we were not too late. Otherwise, he might have gone for a surgery which might not solve the problem altogether, like EA* 's brother, or he might run into possibility of paralyze. Both possibility does not seems to be an option for us.

Luckily yesterday after some X-rays and observation, I had nothing to worry about. But the doctor was kind enough to give me MC commencing yesterday until this Friday. I was expecting that my boss would not be really happy about it. He jokingly said that it might be because I have been working too hard (sarcastically maybe, knowing him). He thought that it might be because of the trips that I have been making, but I assured him that the pain was not so recent. Anyway, he 's the least person I'm worried about now.

This week, I'm going to take the chance to go for traditional massage. Since the auto accident I had end of last year, I have only been to a reflexology center once, but that one did not concentrate on repairing my misaligned and haywiring of 'cable routing', as Babai put it.

So yesterday evening, we drove all the way to Klang to see this traditional masseur upon recommendation of Ejoule. She is in her mid-fifites, and she has lots of experience in massaging pregnant woman, athletes and etc.

Her touch was quite firm and she concentrated on the points or node which seems to be blocked, instead of massaging muscles. At one point, she massaged the node on the back of my bad knees and it was extremely painful I screamed and almost passed out. Both of us was sweating, me shaking from the agony, and she from the pressure that she put on the nodes. Incredibly, I did not feel any pain afterward. But I had wished that she massage longer on my back, as I can still feel the numbness on my back while I'm writing this entry.

She then suggested to massage my stomach. She massages my stomach as how she massage pregnant women. I knew from her prodding that she have found out something was wrong, as I can feel that my left side was tender, and my right side of the stomach was quite rigid. Hold that thought!! I'm not pregnant ok! :D

True enough, she told me that my womb has misaligned, and I should come again to be massage properly. She suggested that I come in the morning while my stomach is still empty. She said if I don't get it corrected, I might be facing problem during pregnancy and labor later on.

So the appointment has been set for tomorrow. I still only be able to come in the evening. I will have to fast almost the whole day tomorrow so that it would be easier for her to do her job. The back massage is also advisable to be done at least three times.

Hopefully all my 'cable and wiring' can be properly reroute again this time.


cdason said...

I frequent Kuching's Blind Centre. RM25 for an hour...

but there's this granny Emy introduced to me in Siniawan. I twisted my leg (tepele-okk), and she massaged it... and he next day.. the pain was gone, and the swell was gone too!!

Hard to fine good messuers now.. Most massage parlours offer 'extra service' which is kind of errrr.... unnessasary I guess..

Willie said...

Most bosses dislike their staff to take MC. They even check on their MC. Gee...it's not that we enjoy being sick right?

lvynana said...

MC yoh dingan, mak kroja sikia doras yoh.

Sumuk said...

i know about the Kuching blind center. it came out in the newspaper here last time. wow that granny really good eh.. recommend la how to see her..

yea.. i know the dilemma. i worked with him 3 years ago (i left and rejoin), and whenever I was mc, he always forced me to go joining him for meetings while i was still at home..

now that im wiser, he doesn't really do that anymore.

Sumuk said...


Nancy Savino said...

Hello everyone, nice blog, by the way. Our company sells wholesale massage tables and chairs, which might be of interest to some of you guys. If you would like to check out our website, it has prices and pictures of our products. Tables are on sale for $175 and our chairs are $150.

Sumuk said...

thanks nancy, but not really interested at massage chairs at the moment.. human touch is still preferable :)

tikiyung said...

semoga cepat sembuh n gogah ba'uh mokat kroja! ;)

headsteadi said...

get well soon. both u and babai.

Sumuk said...

tikiyung & headsteadi :
thank you my dear friends...

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