Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Drama Queen Of The Year

If there is anybody who really deserved this award more than anybody else, I could only think of one person. It would be Babai's colleague. Let us call her LV.

I think everybody loves a bit of drama now and then. My current workplace now does not have so much drama, as I believe everybody is just trying to get by without stepping on anybody's foot, and hope that they will get fat bonus while maintaining a happy working place. Not that it is possible at all times, but I guess the reason why I chose to come back to work here is exactly because of this, less drama and politics.

Ever since Babai has been working with his current workplace, the only person that has given him so much trouble is LV. LV is his team mate. As you would expect from team mates, they will work together and ensure that they watch out for each others back while at the same time maintaining their own individual KPI.

But LV is everything else except a team player.

To understand her behavior, when Babai first join them, she was two grades senior than Babai. She has been working with the company for more than a decade, and has been coming from few other departments before settling in their current department 2-3 years back. She was one step shy of becoming a manager.

Babai on the other hand joined them 2 years ago. Since then, Babai has been upgraded another 1 level during their recent promotion while she was not.

Eventhough the two of them hold the same title, LV has been expecting Babai to report to her. The manager for their team has left 2-3 months before Babai came. The reason, because he couldn't stand her!

I might be quite unfair to her for not having her side of the story, but when it seems obvious that all of Babai colleagues in the same office has a brush with her antiques, there must be something wrong somewhere. In the office, she even hold the title of "crazy m******r laaa…' which her children might be ashamed of if they were come to know about it.

Between the two of us, we sometimes talk about work, and we would give each other's opinion on how we would solve the problem. Previously, Babai spoke a lot about the problem of the project itself, and he has full of praises of his teammates. But ever since he had worked with LV, he looked like clueless on how to deal with her. The way that she faced him was as if she is his girlfriend, very personal and full of emotion. Not the lovey dovey kind of emotion, but emotional.. Oh. You know what I mean. Like she's having a PMS or something.

I could not count how many times Babai had gone home from work, sighing heavily with a face that looks like he was about to stick a knife into his own chest because of her.

At one point, it had become so bad that one day Babai went home walking around like a zombie, speechless, not knowing what to do and keep looking at me. I asked him why was he behaving that way. I couldn't remember when was the last time we had a big argument that caused him to look the way he was. When he finally got it off his chest, I kept quite for few minutes, and then said 'look, this is not a national problem. You CAN face her and solve it without carrying the excess baggage home, because it would affect me. There is so much I can take. I might be able to handle it now. But don't get used to that. What if there are little ones in the future? They would feel your stress too'.

Sounds cruel to you? Yea, I know. I was feeling guilty of talking that way to him; it was as if I didn't want to share our low time together. But for that special nutcase, I truly believed that it would not be the end of her tantrum. Babai had to face it as long as he is working there. He has to get used to it one way or another.

I will tell you more about her in my future post. I do not like to talk bad about someone behind their back, but since I do not know her, I do not see any problem with that. If one day she were ever to find out about this blog (and I hope she does), she will know what other people think of her and how people couldn't wait for the day that she finally decided to leave, as how she have threatened every now and then.


lvynana said...

sabar pok!

Willie said...

Gee... such a long story and familiar too. You know, I have a staff who is not bossy but really annoying and weird. As advised by you to Babai, I actually confronted my staff and we didn't talk for quite some time. Unfortunately, despite the reminder i gave her, she is still annoying and weird. I'm dismissing her from work at the end of this year, of course backed up by my director, because her attitude has affected almost all the staff in our office and our customers. But then, I am glad and feel relief because I have at least, was very frank, transparent and opened to her of how much i am annoyed by her. Hahaha

Tikiyung said...

Like she's having a PMS or something.
Tikiyung said: Yes, of course...hehe

He was about to stick a knife into his own chest because of her.
Tikiyung said: Don't babai, pls don't...molah dek jak...bcoz nobody will care 4 her!

headsteadi said...

LOL. Gik idup ompuan ya duhal. sian babai.

Sumuk said...

gine gaya..

actually almost every office has at least 1 wierd/funny character that stand out from the rest. The difference is how weird and annoying they were, and how much is our tolerant level towards them. But in this case, like yours too is beyond gossip over lunches :D

aku nok dengar pun boleh sakit ati pok. kinek tok mun Babai dah tahap gaban mpun sik tahan baruk nya cerita.

yea yea.. alive and kicking. you can't imagine how many imaginary knife sticking behind her back everytime someone stabbed her for being such a pain in the ass..

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