Thursday, November 20, 2008

My Comfort Food

Babe, what's your flava?

Kih kih!!

How do you like yours? ;)


One Other ... said...

I like magee curry, but usually i put the egg last of all, still in its shape and only half-cooked. urs look yummy though. tambah cili, lagi lah nyaman.

how's ur sweet corn doing dayung?

One Other ... said...

Btw, macam ku kenal jak mangkuk ya... hehe

Sumuk said...

One Other :
i do away with cili api since i got gastric 3 yrs ago, eventhough once in a while i can't resist if so happen it's in the kitchen. Also, I like to put lime. At one time, I was addicted on putting chilli sause, dark soy sauce and peppers alltogether on top of cili api and lime. yummy!!

On eggs, I also likes to have it still in its shape, but it's difficult to crack the egg open with one hand :D.

For good maggi mee, timing is everything ;p

p/s: corn doing very well, but not sunflower T_T. will update some other time..

lvynana said...

Jue : ada sayur ka dlm mee noh? nok putih2 noh?

One other : mangkuk pun ko dpt ngelala?

Dah lama sik makan maggie, now I prefer mee sedaap...SEDAP oooo

cdason said...

I'm going for "Perisa Ayam" and "Asam Laksa"...

and to top that up.. I'll add Sawi, and makesure the chicken's egg is boiled.. YuuMMM!!!

Think I wanna eat Maggi for lunch today :P

Sumuk said...

aok. dalam tok aku makei kobis, sbb sikda sawi. but for sayur, i love to put cucumber..

beli kedei sama kali mangkuk ya. benar sik dayung?

asam laksa kinda weird to me when it was first introduce many years ago.. now im ok with it, but curry mee is still my preference.

glad that i'm able to inspire you ;p

headsteadi said...

i prefer my maggi medium well ... telur half-cooked.

if maggi, i go for asam laksa and ayam.

but lately my household is sticked up with mi sedaap. memang sedap and cheaper than maggi.

i still believe maggi is overprice.

kalau nitih itu mee myojo perisa mi kolok, then i'll get it from carrefour ... hehehehe

One Other ... said...

ur right, timing is everything. and i like lime in mine too!!!! but i do away with sayur in my maggee, it spoils the original taste.

aduh! semua suka maggee nampaknya. bolehlah buat Maggee Party tok kelak!

Sumuk said...

nothing is worse than an overcooked maggi mee kan kan?

wow.. seems like we got few recommendation fr mi sedap already. i bought 1 packet last week, but haven't gone around to try it yet. i'll give it a try very soon :D

one other:
on the other hand, i don't want an accidently broken half-boiled egg yolk to spoil the original taste, it will absorb the saltiness. unless you can quickly catch the juice.. nice..

One Other ... said...

Yes yes, u r right. mi sedap? nyaman ya bah.

btw, that mangkuk macam free gift of something, lupak. got lots at my house. :-)

headsteadi said...

mi sedaap ... if the goreng one, i like the original flavour. for me sedaap sup, i like the chicken flavour ... it comes with chilli powder to add the umphhhh ... haven't tried the other flavours so far ...

Tikiyung said...

aku sik prefer ngkah maggi mee masak air atas api...kelak over cook. prefer nok tuang air panas dlm mangkuk n rendam seminit dua coz mee nya lebih kenyal...and without egg, vege, etc...hilang rasa ori maggi...hehe

Sumuk said...

i think the dry spicy one i know which one.. yg ada 'bawang goreng' ya nak? aok ya nang nyaman..

adeh... masak maggi pakei aik panas is only for amatuer lerr :p
p/s: iboh manas pok..

Tikiyung said...

sik manas eh...gembira!!! 8)

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