Friday, November 21, 2008

Get A Life Neh..

I just feel sick today.
To the pit of my stomach.
No, not the physical one, but kinda heart sick.

I am very good at what I do.
That is making people around me moody.

what with reading some stupid blogs that keep complaining about this and that..
what with reading stupid comments left by people in some forums.. btw stupid comment deserves stupid replies..
what with people who worshipped themselves.. (yea.. me too. i love sumuk :x)

i've been spending too much time on the net..sehh........

let me get back my life..
i need a good book to read.
excuse me..

p/s: stupid comment from stupid anon will be deleted without mercy.


Willie said...

Ahaks! Yup sometimes, you need to read books. Reading blogs is reading people's view on life. That will be interesting too.

cdason said...

Anon users are kind of cowards. They leave comments (especially harsh/hate comments) without showing whom they are. Just a totally cowardly act. Got my fare share of those type of comments.

Sumuk said...

yep. sometimes reading a book also is like reading someone else's life, only it'll take longer to finish :)

they can attack us, but they did not dare to let us make a counter-attack. if u go thru some of my controversial posts, u'll find some cowards around here too.

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