Friday, November 21, 2008

Unspoken Restaurant Ethic

Eh.. by the way, did you know that when you go to a restaurant, there are some unspoken rules that you have to put in mind?

I know one.

You know which one I am talking about?

Never try to shout at the waiter/waitress if you are not happy about your drinks or foods. Speak as calmly and with sweet face as possible.

Because, you cannot control what is going on in the kitchen.

I have heard some cook who spit on the food.
I knew one drink maker who mix his boogie in the teh tarik.
Babai knew one bartender who peed on the beer.


Luckily all the above did not actually happen to us, but being told by the persons who actually work in the restaurant/food joints.

Like it or not, we are at their mercy.


Siti Farizan said...

Ju, my brother-in-law used to work at a famous Malay restaurant (dulu la, skrang tatau famous ke tak) as a part-timer. He also told me that his collegues, whenever they got complaints from customers, they'd do something like what u said to the food/drinks of those people. Eeuww!! That's why I rarely complaint about my food/drinks unless I am a regular foodie at the eatery sampai kenal from the owner to the cook.

Sumuk said...

ituler pasal CT. nak buat camner kan.. diorang pun manusia gak. patut buat open kitchen concept mcm teppanyaki ler diorang ni.

One Other ... said...

Heard that too.
Thats why whe im feeling esp bitchy about my food, i make sure i can see what theyre doing about it in the counter. customer is always right, ma'am. :-0

Sumuk said...

I too, always thought that 'Customer Is Always Right', but unfortunately that doesn't apply EveryWhere, esp places like Kuching or smaller town.. not everyone think alike. what with less civic-minded food preparer.. it's not an ideal world we are living, and we can never be careful enough..

try to be nice in getting our way for a change, it'll make everybody happier :D

Ramblin' Dude said...

Hey I know that bartender too

Sumuk said...

yea.. i know you :D

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