Sunday, November 16, 2008

Missing Identity

My opinion on M. Rajeswari case might not be a popular one, as it is opposing the masses here. I have been wanting to have a say when it first surface, but since it has quiten down, I did not give it so much thought anymore.

And now the Indian lady who has been wrongfully detained at the immigration depot, is suing the government for RM6mil.


Ok let me at least be fair to her. She might not be able to speak BM much, and the immigration should have at least provide her a translator. But imagine that there are so many other genuine illegal immigrant who is cheeky enough to claim themselves Malaysian all the time.

Apart from that point, I do not see how she felt she was wrongfully detained when the trouble mostly is her own fault. Here's the thing;

1. She could not speak even simple Bahasa Malaysia.
How can that be? Even my own people who live in such a remote place can utter simple things in Bahasa Malaysia. Is that pure ignorance? I refuse to believe that she does not have any brush with people/language outside her own all her life that she cannot comprehend simple communication in BM.

2. She forgot her birthplace.
How can one forget where one came from? M. Rajeswari might not be bright, but she does not look retarted to me. It seems so impossible for one to forgot the name of their playground, hometown, or to put it simply, the place where you leave your waste a.k.a shit for a period of time. I. Just. Couldn't understand.

3. She forgot the name of her school.
Same as number item 2. *roll eyes*

4. She forgot her IC number.
That is ok, but can she not able to remember her own full name? Her parents' name? Her siblings?

5. She forgot almost everything.
You miss your own identity eh? She claims herself to be Malaysian, and yet all the leads seems to prove otherwise. Oh please. Now you want to suit government a.k.a our taxpayer money for your ignorance? Pure greed I shoud say.


I am sorry peeps, I do not always see that the government is the bad guy. The immigration has done their part. It might be not good enough you would say, but to go through each cases I can imagine it will take ages *roll eyes* and ignorance Malaysian like M. Rajeswari doesn't help either. If it is me, I would have asked her to pay back the Government forthe food that she has consumed and the lodging provided to her and her son when she was there instead. Count your blessing lady!


Tikiyung said...

mau jadi jutawan ekspress reh. cishh...even sumuk2 in rumah panjang can speak decent BM or maybe reh BI.

SumukBabai said...

aku rasala, ada jakla advisor yg tamak maok ambik kesempatan dlm kes mcm tok. biasala lawyer.

One Other ... said...

... sounds like she's suffering from selective amnesia! Haha. RM6 mil is too much to ask when u cant remember anything except the food that u eat at detention, so i think she is trying to press her luck.

Siti Farizan said...

Ju, couldn't agree more. Some lawyers see the opportunity to squeeze government money a.k.a OUR money by trying to help this Indian lady whereas this lady tak hingat apa pun *what an easy reason for your blunder*

I was really disgusted when knowing that she could not speak in BM. Dei achi! Don't call yourself Malaysian la!

*Luckily we didn't send her back to India yet, kalau tak, mau dia saman RM60 juta agaknya* Ces!!

Sumuk said...

one other:
i can say that it is not even selective, its like she forgot almost 99.99% of her past. on second thought, yeaa.. maybe she does lost her memory altogether. but that is not a reason in any way for her to simply sue.

siti farizan:
ler cik siti! cam mane ko boleh sesat/terjumpa blog aku ni kihkih! welkam welkam.. cam maner hidup berumah tangga sekarang?
iyelah.. seb baik kita tak deport dia balik india kan. tak pasal2 ilang RM60mil cenggitu jer..

Willie said...

People always mistaken me as a chinese. Hahaha...maybe they thought that i am from China. The indian lady..she is impossible. Your arguments are indeed true. Maybe she is not Malaysian at all.

Sumuk said...

hey, same here, esp Babai. Got that all the time :D. we lost count of how many times we said to people that we are not chinese.

The only hint that finally enable them to find out about her past is because of the name of her kampung if i am not mistaken. that also after so many dead end from her given info duh! and she was only 22when they discover her btw.

siti farizan said...

Ju, I've been reading your blog since this 2-3 weeks. Dah lama tak buka friendster, rupanya u invited me to singgah to your blog ni. Nice to read your blog, but most of the time tak sempat nak comment.

But this one, kita nak komen jugak since everybody is like defending her while they don't see the real issues, one of them is ada jugak Malaysian yang claim that they are Malaysian but cannot utter a single word in BM. C'mon la, Pakistan yang jual langsir kat my house tu pun very fluent cakap BM, baru 2 bulan datang sini.

Whatmore that really piss me off is the fact that she wanna take advantage of her own fault. Mmmm... apa la nak jadi..

BTW Ju, congrats for your engagement ya!

Sumuk said...

cik puan siti farizan:
dah lamer giler invitation tu kuar.. nampak sgt busy yek.. ari tu i ingat ct ada ckp nak buat blog sendiri, dah ada ke?

ntah dia, org kat kedai mamak kalau order roti canai ngan teh tarik pun dia paham gak. apa yg susah sgt. dah kalau settle tu cakap thks sbb jaga dia takper gak. ni lagi kena saman. tsk tsk..

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