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St Joseph's Cathedral - Important Guidelines & Notes to Help Couples In Marriage Preparation

I remember how confusing it was to look for information for the proper guidelines to legalize a marriage, or church wedding. Yesterday night Babai brought a phamplet prepared by St. Joseph's Cathedral. By putting it here, I hope it will help to-be wedded couple to clear up lots of their doubts.
*Thanks Headsteadi..

-Important Information Before the Sacrament of Matrimony

(Please study carefully and understand before your wedding)

1. Preliminary Consultation

What to Avoid?
- Do not print your invitation cards or fix your Wedding Day without first consulting a priest of this parish and clearing all the government and Church requirement;
- Do not consult priests who are not officially attached to this parish. (This is to avoid unnecessary confusion and complication).

What to do?
- Attend a Marriage Preparation Course before your marriage;
- See a priest of this parish for preliminary consultation at least two months before your intended wedding. Booking of your date may be done at this time.

2. Marriage Licence

a. You now need to promptly obtain a Licence to Marry (Borang KC02*) from the National Registration Department (Marriage Section), at least 5-6 weeks before your intended wedding.
b. Fill the relevant particulars of the Borang KC02* and Statutory Declaration (Akuan Berkanun) and submit them to the priest for the Pre-Nuptial Inquiry
c. To obtain a licence to marry, you need to bring along;
i. The original copy of your Identity Card and Birth Certificate
ii. A photocopy of your Identity Card and Birth Certificate
iii. A recent passport-size photo of yourself;
iv. If you are from another country, you may need to bring along a legal certificate (Statutory Oath from your country's Embassy/Consulate) to state that you are free to marry.

3. Pre-Nuptial Inquiry

a. Bring the endorsed Borang KC02* back to the priest at least 4 weeks before your intended wedding. If everything is in order, he will do the Pre-Nuptial inquiry for you both (bridal couple);

b. For the Pre-Nuptial inquiry, the following are required:
- all document listed in Item 2(c) above;
- receipt from Registrar of Marriage
- photocopy of Baptismal Certificate
- photocopy of Confirmation Certificate;
- photocopy of the I.C. for the two witnesses for your marriage;
- [please choose two Catholics (a man and a woman) both at least 21 years old and preferably not immediate members of your family]
- a letter from the parish priest (should you come from another parish), granting you permission to marry at this Cathedral.

4. Other Important Notes (Please observe these carefully):

- If you are printing your Wedding Booklet for the Liturgy, the draft copy must be vetted by the priest at least two weeks before printing;
- Observe the list of some Rules and Instructions to Florists (simple do's and don'ts) when decorating the Church pews;
- Bridal gown should cover shoulders fully;
- No photographer or video camera-man is allowed in the sanctuary during service;
- No confetti is allowed inside and outside the Cathedral;
- Be punctual for your wedding service;
- That your non-Catholic guests attending the wedding service must respect the sacred atmosphere of the Cathedral and must NOT receive Holy Communion at Mass.

5. Days and Dates to Avoid (for your wedding)

Fridays, Sundays, Ash Wednesday, Holy Week, Easther Monday, December 20th - 25th, Holy Days of Obligation

6. Parental Consent

If you are under 21 years old, your father or mother (if father is deceased) must go with you to the Registrar's Office to sign Borang KC01B* to endorse the parental consent of your marriage.
Note: For girls above 16 but below 18 years of age, permission is required from the Chief Minister through Borang KC01D*.

7. Fees and Stipend

Marriage Registration fee (Charged By the Government) - RM20.00
Fee for Preparatory Services (Charged By Parish ) - RM10.00
Fee for use of Cathedral's facilities (for taking video) - RM50.00
Stipend for Wedding (contribution to Church) - with mass RM25.00
without mass RM20.00

8. Marriage Bann

Your marriage ban will be displayed over a period of at least 4 weeks at the Cathedral's notice board.

If you require further information, kindly contact;

Fr. Albert Jacobse mhm
St Joseph Cathedral
P.O Box 184
93702 Kuching
Tel : 082-423 424 (Admin)
082-247 212 (Direct)
Fax : 082-233 085
Email :

*Note : Form attached is as guidance only. Please obtain the original form from the Registrar Office nearest to you.


cdason said...

are you planning to get married?? hehehe..

lvynana said...

check no 7, with mass/without mass, samah ka rm25?

Sumuk said...

cdason :
yep :D.. hopefully the info will be helpful for yours ;)

corrected, thks! biasala dah mengantuk, dah sik betul.

One Other ... said...

Good luck dayung! whatever u do. memang susah nak prepare tok, i can imagine. esp the details. relax jak lok. hehe

Sumuk said...

One other:
Am not sure if luck has something to do with this all, but nevertheless thank you..
aoklah u.. ilek lek isap gam jak..

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