Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Little Joy Corner

Something that can give me little joy in life..

My little gardening corner.. Notice my new shallot and garlic pot at the front..

My pandan that I already harvested. 3 leaves as Babai's car fragrance, and 2 for my Bubur Keledek last Saturday. My mom used to say, the more I harvest them, the faster it'll grow back.. the center is from big onion.. it'll produce beautiful white flowers. We Bidayuh Bau called it Bunga Bawang Bakung ..

Tadaa.. Heheheh...

This lemongrass I planted the day I took the Giant Elephant Ear (Pokok Keladi Gergasi lol!) from Tyller-Ngieng's place.. it grown almost immediately.

Lemongrass is one of the most resilient herbal plant and very easy to grow besides tapioca. It is not very choosy when it comes to soil condition, so why don't you get one (preferably still with roots) put it somewhere around your house compound and you'll never be out of lemongrass when you or your wife cooks that delicious tom yam!


lvynana said... is not tat empty afterall..
try to enjoy little things in life, the rest will be..sonang gitew...

Anonymous said...

bah...moh ogik kebun leh dingan neh.
keep up the good work. start small first. maybe you can have a bigger piece of land someday and start your own toyak/umoh. kuikuikui.

Sumuk said...

kelak aku slalu crita benda sedih kang ko lari pulak kihkhikih!

MadWitch GoneCrazy:
Doik boow dayung.. just a small land at the porch.. daripada tanam lalang bah..
toyak? oh tidak.. i vowed to be away of it when i was little, i don't think i want to do that now :p

One Other ... said...

Bunga bang bakong nak! Lamak sik dengar perkataan ya. Hahah

Eh, dayung, u pindah the corn to the ground already? hihihi. patutla. lupak nanyak.

For 2 person, dah boleh la ni. Tahniah tahniah. I'm sooo proud of you! Tunggu jak projek aku.

Sumuk said...

One Other:
aok eh.. u got me there. my Bidayuh language has become diluted day by day :D

i did not transfer, these are those that i originally planted on the ground. the one on the pot mcm tak jadila...... shy ler to show here.

yalor.. for two person definitely more than enough.. boleh buat puding jagung, jagung kastard, jagung bakar, bubur jagung.. fuh! nyaman *thumbs up*

Ramblin' Dude said...

Oih dah bercucuk tanam? Ni jagung nih?

Sumuk said...

aih pok.. sine menghilang? lama sik nengar kabar.. blog pun sik update. tutup jaklah mun camya..

haha!! aokla jagung la ya. mun ko datang sitok dlm sebulan dua gik langkah kanan la kawu..

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