Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Brainy Cow

Gosh.. it's Wednesday, and it is another 4 days before the end of November, of which, if you deduct 2 days for the weekend, you will only left with 2 days to the end of the month.

Eversince the day I e-shopping on Airasia, I've really been getting the holiday bug.. really look forward for my Christmas holiday. This year is my first (hopefully will be the last too :D) Christmas as someone's fiancee. I am not sure how it'll gonna be, but I would like to enjoy my precious and unpretentious moment with my own family while I still don't have divided obligation towards the other side of the family. Kinda give me a sad feeling to think of it that way...

Right now is school holiday. The road traffic seems to be better, and I managed to reach home early to be able to see my garden in daylight. Speaking about school, I totally forgot that I have 3 nieces who were having UPSR this year. I really thought that they were still in Primary 5. See how fast times flies, these girls grow so fast and before I know it, they gonna be asking me to their wedding next, gosh!

Nevertheless, one of them did not wait for me to ask, since she got 5A (she got it from me, okay?!).. I was so happy I offered to buy her whatever present she asked for. Proved to be not a very smart thing to do though. I expected she gonna be asking for new clothes, or bag, or watches or other girly stuff, and out of all things, she asked for a new HANDPHONE. Girl, your auntie also needed one badly lar..

It took me few days to think that over, and 'last-last' I called her sister to get her to agree if I send the both of them to KK next year in March instead. They gonna be spending the school holiday with another niece and nephews for a week there. It would be a good chance for her to get the experience of flying too. Airasia proved that having a holiday for two is soooo much cheaper than buying a new handpone. At least I managed to save few hundreds kihkih!! Brainy brainy..

And as usual, I had to complain about my weight, as I notice I have been expanding sideways. My thighs seems to be rocking and jiggling whenever I walked or jogged a little (pls do not put a visual image for that, it's disgusting). I feel like a BIGGG cow..

Other than that, I will have to crack my brain for my coming appraisal. I need that increment badly, as we had been informed next year our Temporary COLA will be taken away due to reduction in oil prices (as if the price of other stuffs reduce, cheh!). I had chosen such a difficult topic I certainly couldn't believe where did I left my brain when I made all those promises in the first place.

Die die..

Maybe I'm becoming an ageing cow, with a brain that slowly turning into cauliflower..


Tikiyung said...

why hoh...onak buah ku pun mitiek hp. bukan sikiek eh d mit upsr noh, but sudik eh d darjah 4 lagi noh.

Sumuk said...

nembiak mun dilayan gilak mmg susah.. kinek tok pandei minta mcm2. barang2 mahal gik ya..

Willie said... are getting married soon? Good for you. You must be counting days huh? Then later..I shall welcome you to the club. And Air Asia is still cheaper than MAS. That's for sure, especially when they waive the fuel surcharge.

One Other ... said...

So, wud I be invited to your wedding too? Heheh. I wont wear the tshirt, (haha) because I wont recognise anyone, except maybe Ivynana.

How's the garden doing girl? u didnt update! Eh btw, u PTD kah? awww... dont fret abt the Cola. we in Swak mana la ada. :-(

Sumuk said...

still a long way to go.. duit blom cukup bah :p.. masuk kelab ada joining fee kah? ;)

one other:
dayung see my post below. baruk jak update..

PTD jangan sebut deng, pantang muahaha!! i'm in private sector.. government doesn't need people like me :(

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