Friday, November 28, 2008

Dirty Filter

Mood are like infectious disease.
Whether we are happy, or sad, or angry..
It can be easily contracted by someone we are in contact with, even without a physical one.

Too bad I had contracted the bad disease from other elements, and I had infected Babai with it.

I am deciding to write my emo feeling somewhere else from now on. A place where nobody knows its me, where the chances of people finding it is remote. And where people will not be able to judge me, but a corner where I will judge others as if I am God. A place where I can say things like nobody's business and where I will be able to sit down, think, plan and reflect back about my personal stuff quietly without opening up to other people.

Taking all the bad elements away from this blog, I may looks like a hyprocrite to my dear readers, by showing only one side of me. But if that can make other people happy, then why not? We have enough suffering in this world and everybody has the right not to hear me whining and adding to the misery.

I myself not sure how long I can keep on doing it this way. I wish I can say that my life is like a dog's life (this is supposedly the reason for this blog by the way), but I think my life is so much better than the helpless people who are staying in a war zone. So what am I complaining about then?

Because I am just human.


What makes me think people care anyway?

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