Tuesday, November 11, 2008


7th November, 2008 (Friday)

I took these photos on Friday morning, but did not manage to upload it here. Heh! Just wanted to tease One Other (mak marah dayung!). Start small dayung, it's really rejuvating. I look forward to come home at the end of the day just to watch their progress :D

The sunflower look awkwardly thin and tall. I guess it is too eager to grow. This one is the nearest to the sunlight.

The one (above) in the darker part of the shade have bigger stalk and shorter. Looks better to me.

Chillis on the pellet tray not yet out, balsam came out nicely..

8th November, 2008 (Saturday)

The sunflower grown another 10mm taller. Eventhough I believe in the theory of 'Survival of The Fittest', I had no choice I had to put support to the stems. Otherwise, the stems will break if the wind is too strong.

The corn in the center. Thin :(

Upon Headsteadi suggestion, I bought the Organic Fertilizer, made of Chicken waste to repair the damage I did when I put urea fertilizer on my flowers and ginger. Euu.. I managed to find the location of the fertilizer from the shelf guided by the smell. It smelled like.. well.. shit..

9th November, 2008 (Sunday)

Didn't take any photo on Sunday morning, as I felt that the sunflower has stopped growing. I don't know. Maybe because it felt restricted by the knot?

Yesterday, we went to Tyller-Ngieng's house, cos I missed their baby Cadence. Haven't seen her for 2 weeks. They have decorated their lawn and porch very nicely with colorful flowers. But whenever I was there, I always admired their neighbors' giant keladi, also known as Elephant ear. It reminds me of home.

Below are my mom's matured keladi (Caladium) near our gazebo back at home.. Very soothing and cool to the eyes...

So after Sunday morning breakfast, I suggested to Babai to check out the nursery along Bukit Jalil-Puchong highway, nearby the Bomba quarters. Babai relented, I think he's kinda excited looking at my enthusiasm. The bug looks like getting into him :D. We bought the baby Keladi, although the owner of the nursery didn't guarantee us that it was the correct one.

Cost me RM18.00..

The big base clay pot. Only RM7.00. Bought a red and peat moss soil 1 bag each, cost RM2.50 per bag. The owner suggest using the Organic fertilizer too, so I bought additional Chicken shit, here cost only RM3.80. I planned to transfer the keladi this weekend.

After our RCIA Sunday class which finished at 9.30pm, The Tyller-Ngieng's couple sms us, asking us to drop by on our way back. So this is what they gave to us..

So sweet!!! They went to a nursery at Sg Buloh after breakfast, and also bought for us another baby keladi!! They heard me saying I wanted to get one, and so they did. Here the keladi is a bit small, cost RM12 but they got RM2 discount there. And they get theirs too. They also bought a mini fountain. Am looking forward to see their fountain :D

I snapped these photos when I got back. Look at them...

Can you see the chillis on the 4 pellet at left hand corner? :D

The second tier of the sunflower leaves started to come out :)

10th November, 2008 (Monday)

Growing and growing....

11th November, 2008 (Tuesday) - as of today -

I felt it is time to put the fertilizer for the corn. Should have asked my mom, but I could not reach them in kampung. I used N15P15K15 chemical fertilizer. It is a slow release type, so the stalk will not get burned by the fertilizer.

The corn and the ginger. I had dugged out the ginger, filled up the hole with peat soil, and mix some chicken pellet fertilizer and cover it back. Hopefully it'll get better.

The chillis.... finally..



lvynana said...

fuh..pjg giler..

Sumuk said...

pelik hor?

Bear Bear said...

Your gardening corner looks so cute lol!

Sumuk said...

babai was furios because I didn't clean up the table at first. The table is courtesy of Headsteadi and Babai used it to do BBQ.

Hope the plants can grow nicely and can be transferred to plastic pot soon.

One Other ... said...

Thanks for the *teaser episode*. LOL.

It's growing! Dont u think you should move it out already? to a bigger pot or something? the current space looks tiny. what if it dies before it is ready? *anxious*

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