Thursday, November 6, 2008

And The End of Life

I reached home at 7.45pm last night, and it was quite dark by then. When I reached home, Babai opened the gate for me. Without saying anything, I went out of the car, went in straight to see my babies, leaving frowning Babai at the gate to park my car. Ggagiiggghaahii!!

So happy.. the flowers and corns had doubled in height, all the sunflower shell has dropped and producing beautiful leaves that looks like it had been wanting to come out and so happy to do so!! Im sorry I'm not even closed to become a writer to be able to describe it, but Im so elated by this simple things!

Anyway, after looking at each pot and borrowing Babai's torchlight to peek under the tree, I went in and brought a pot with me to show to Babai.

That was when Babai told me, he had almost been in a self accident nearby his workplace. His car spinned 360 degree twice and almost almost hit the railing and a motorcyclist! I was so shocked I become breathless and almost blacked-out. Im not exaggerating ok. I had to sit down for a moment to let the blood went up to my head again.. Babai told me the whole story then.. I thank God he is ok, and his car also is fine. His car has such a long history of unfortunate event I can make a series of entry out of it. Let save that for another day.

Last night we watched dvd-The Patriot. I watched this movie before (Babai haven't), but I cried again (failed!). Ivy just came back from Kuching at midnight and brought us 2 pack of Mee Kolok yay! So sweet of her! Thank you sis!

Here's the update of the plants I managed to take this morning. Sorry I was in a hurry and the photos are all blur.. Lambat deh!

The sunflowers..

The corns. See the roots that come out from the tiny hole at the bottom of the pot?

Chillis and balsm in the pellet tray. Balsam started to have the roots, while the chillis seems to take a longer time. Take your time babe!

Here's the corn seed that I thrown under the tree. Seems to be doing well too.

Bad news though. My ginger looks like its dying.. Please please recover soon.. What shall I do hah?


cdason said...

im never into gardening. Always frowned upon it. Prefer gardening at the marketplace :P

anyway, glad your babai is okay.. I think most of us always feel relieved to know that your love ones just escaped a near death experience.

lvynana said...


headsteadi said...

hope babai is fine. tell him to be more careful next time. HSSE first. btw, i think it's time to end the life of the wira before it gets u into bigger trouble.

Sumuk said...

cdason : you cannot never imagine.. his relationship with the car has turned into such a sour one the moment it touched down KL. i truly believes she really hates me :(

lvynana : waseh, rasa dirik hebat tek ngeh ngeh ngeh!!
cross finger lok.. aku balit tok dah makin tinggi sunflower ya, rupa cam sik stabil jak sbb batang masih lembut, tapi daun dah berat smcm.

headsteadi : fyi, he told me just now.. half an hour after his incident, the same thing happened to his colleague too - at the same place.. but the colleague was not very fortunate though. her car hit the railing quite badly. hujan, jln licin ba. babai was not even speeding..

abt the car life *sigh* i think if u give me RM20 everytime i point out the obvious to him, I would hv enuf money to pay for my house deposit already..

headsteadi said...

had experienced 360 spin myself many years back at hui sing round about. Almost hit a lady in a van who just picked up her kids from school.

After escaping a few near death accidents myself I don't dare to drive fast anymore.

Sumuk said...

hmm.. sometimes a stationary car pun some idiot boleh langgar..

i myself drive in a calmer mood nowadays. i seriously think that driving an auto really helps.. for me at least.

Sumuk said...

erkkss.. sori.. haha!! didn't mean to make it sounds that way haha!!

i mean sometimes we have done our best to look after ourselves, but because other factors which is out of our control, inevitable does happened.

I was angry and blamed certain party when accident which can be avoided, happened. but when my own car accident happened, i was angry at first, yes. but gratification of being alive supersede all anger that i felt that it does not matter anymore.

One Other ... said...

Best nye! dah besar dah baby ko!

Tahniah! Tahniah! u must keep updating dayung...

Sumuk said...

not yet dayung.. couldn't find the time.. but hv been taking the photos everyday.. stay tune!

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