Monday, August 4, 2008

Yehuu!! My First Paid Ad Hihihi!!!

Gosh I am so so yesterday!

I just got my first paid advertisement, and I did not even realise it! Band 1! Hihi! Thank you Nuffnang ! XOXO! It is not much, but it is certainly better than nothing right ;) Just ignore whatever complaint that I made ok! Hopefully it is the beginning of a fruitful journey with you. Not like my another *ehem* sponsor down down under which has been so slow in producing earning for me. I guess the steady unique visitors lately has been the contributing factor. I would like to thanks my loyal readers too (you know who you are ;) who keep coming back checking my recent posts and updates, eventhough I know my writing skills is nothing to oohh and ahh about. Thank you for the honest comments you made for me to improve my blog and writing.

I am aware that I have not been completely honest while blogging. Not that I am lying, or exaggerating any facts in any of my post. But it is because there are lots of thing happening in my life that I did not really share here. They are very significant events, and based on reading other peoples' blog, it will certainly attract readers and repeat visitors, on which of course the thing I had dreamed off. But the real people who are around me are so much important to me that I do not want to hurt any of them by writing about them publicly, irregardless of whether it is written in anonymous manner or not.

Of course, one way to generate traffic is by using Blog Explosion service, but I have since stop using it as it is not the true picture of my blog traffic. It might be good for a new blogger like me to use it as a jumpstart, but eventually the satisfaction would evaporate by itself.

I have noted that parts of my old writing has been accessed from search engine again again and had contribute to large chunk of my traffic. True, they are controversial, but I have told it exactly as how it has happened, and I hope people is learning from my experience. But it had also invites haters, which I admit was not the kind of attention that I had wanted. As there are people that I loved who might be affected by my writing, I am contemplating to delete some of the controversial posts. On the other hand, I will start to reveal bit by bit the juicy.... nah.... the more interesting parts of my life. Not that I can think of anybody who would be interested to know about my blardy life.. What on cool planet earth am I thinking anyway?

Instead I will make this blog as sort of my storeroom, where I will put things that is interesting to me, not to be dispose off once Im done with it, and eventually become junk. So if you like my junk, you are welcome to dig haha!!

As an appetizer, here's my latest hobby, keeping snake as a pet!!!


tikiyung said...

huuu...mcm sup ular jak. I want...slurppp...

Encik Rahman...that's how they call me now. said...

What r u feeding yr snake..??

Sumuk said...

Eeii.. kau makan ular? Jgnla wei.. bercabang lidah kau kelak!

En. Rahman;
Err.. cendol?? Tihihih!!

tikiyung said...

jgn...tanduk bercabang x apa...hehe

Sumuk said...

Tanduk bercabang? Err.. Rusa? lol!

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