Wednesday, August 6, 2008

I Just Need Extra 8 Hours

Updated :

Oh please! I need another 8 hours on top of 24 hours for today only!!! I want to do these;

1. Facial. Checked.
2. Hair Treatment
3. Manicure & Pedicure. Checked.
4. Body spa
5. Collect my kebaya. Checked.
6. Trim my eyebrow/trim my hair
7. Crash diet. I wish! Huh.
8. Cash my cheque. No money oredi!! Checked. I'm waiting, i'm waiting..
9. Send my car for servicing. Checked.
10. Last minute shopping. No money how to shop?
11. More extra time to be with Babai as bf and gf ..huhu..

But I am so so busy! Arghh..
Tender sucks! I'm freed hahah!!!


tikiyung said...

Slamat Bitunang

Anonymous said...

ah dui...there's always tomorrow don't have to do everything in a day! hhahaha

Sumuk said...

'Tomorrow' is just too short too to do everything. Deadline bah hehe!!

Sumuk said...

Tikiyung, thank you. Selamat sudah..

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