Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Day I Feel Belong

Hi! Im back!

Me and Babai reached KLIA at 4pm on Sunday. I took an emergency leave on Monday as I found out I was still too exhausted to go to work.

Let me try to re-cap what has commenced during my leave..

8.8.08. A day to remember.
Im sure Beijing Olympic Opening was really beautiful.
But I had so much more important thing to do on that very day.
The day that my 'ring finger' finally being occupied. Heh.
And my heart belong to the one I've chosen.

I admit that not everything went perfectly.
But I prayed to God that things would run as smooth as possible.

First, my last minute preparation was so hectic, I had been lacking of sleep due to long working hours. Dark rings start to appear on my eyes arghh.. Not exactly the kind of ring I wanted to wear on myself..

Secondly, it rained heavily whereas it hasnt been raining for weeks here. What else could it be? Must be that the witchdoctors in Beijing had move the clouds to everywhere else except Beijing for the opening ceremony.

Then, there was a misunderstanding between the caterer and my family. Our family side was suppose to cook the rice for the night as the caterer would not be providing it. But as precaution, my father had asked the young guys who were arranging the food tray. They mentioned to my father that rice would be provided, which we found out was not true at the very last hour! I was furious for the miscommunication, as the other side of the family had cook such delicious traditional meals that should have been accompanied with the rice. But what can we do about it anyway? It was just too late. So we decide to forget about it and go on with the rest of the night.

I would have love to write in detail of the traditional procession going on that night, but I felt it was just to private to write it here. Nothing beats the feeling of being welcomed to each other's family tho.

Nevertheless, I am so touched that eventhough this was only our engagement and it was supposed to be a small occasion, so many of our relatives had come to witness it. For example, my eldest sister from Bintulu, and my brother and sis-in-law who came all the way from KK, eventhough it was a last minute confirmation. Another of my sister drove in their little Kancil for 9-enduring hours all the way from Bintulu with her husband and 2 small kids in tow. I was so shock to hear about their arrival on the evening of the engagement as they have apologized to me few days before for not going to make it. On Babai side, his uncles, aunties and cousins also came as far as from KL, France and UK just to be there with us.

Me and Babai also are very thankful for the effort given by our family members to make the occasion successful and memorable one, especially our parents, siblings, close relatives. Being away from our hometown, it would not been an easy feat to arrange it without their sincere helps.

All in all, I hope those who went home that night would be having as much fun. I am glad that I have made the correct decision to go on with having an engagement. As Babai have said, I definitely have something interesting to tell my kids :)


headsteadi said...

congratulations on the engagement. i could imagine how you've felt as i've been through it 3 years ago.

so? does it feel great now that your heart is "officially" captured?

when can we see the pics? mun ada video, post sekali ok?

Sumuk said...

Hi headsteadi! great to see u here.
thanks a lot for the wish :D

blom dpt gik gambar, maybe photographers still recovering from the tuaks and the whiskys' hehe!! mun dah ada kelak will post some here ;)

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