Thursday, August 14, 2008

Before You Rule Over Me

Before my money, uh..or rather... my lack of it rule over me, I better take a very proactive action to control it. Due to some unforeseen circumstances and my impulsive splurges once in a while, I felt that my financial situation is a bit out of my hand. Im glad that I don't see the need for 'Ah Longs' help at any moment. I've been thinking and planning for weeks, and these are what I intended to do in this coming months.

No. 1 : Get rid of my credit card. Err.. not totally, but leave it at home and hid it somewhere hehe.. This credit card is the main culprit.

No 2: Get a debit card instead. I originally used credit card for filling up petrol, but sometimes I got carried away.. sigh.. Now this debit card can serve the purpose as it ties to my saving account. I just got my card today yuhuu! Nice isn't it?

No 3: Go for personal loan to reduce finance charges on my credit card whatever outstanding amount. Hong Leong Bank has mininum 2 years repayment period. I found it to be too long, but I think it would be one of the least hassle to apply. I do have some cash stashed somewhere else to actually finish up the balance, but it is in unit trust form which is quite worthless to be drawn up at this moment, darn!

No 4: Keep the extra cash for other investment/saving.

I do realized that this plan is not really the best, but I feel that it is the best for me at the moment.

On the other hand, me and Babai have been looking around for our own nest, and we thought we just found one which is within our budget and a location both of us can agreed on. We had made the appointment with the real estate agent to view the house this coming weekend, but I feel so excited I had dropped by the place on my way home from work for the last two days!

I'm praying hard that the house would be ours...


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