Sunday, August 17, 2008

Why I Refuse to Fly Malaysian Flag

Ah. Don’t get me wrong.
Don’t start pointing at me and says that I am not patriotic at all.
I am a Malaysian at birth, and will still be a Malaysian when I die.
God willing.

But why is it that every time comes National Day, I flatly refuse to fly the national flag?
Is it because I am embarrassed with my own country?
Is it because I loose my cool if I do so? Ehek.
Is it because I’m too ‘eksen’ I do not want to spoil my car with the mini flag?
is it because I am not happy with the current government?
Or is it because I am stingy ‘taik idung masin’ I do not want to spend any money on something that I will throw later, or taken out only once a year?

Of course none of the above. My personal reason is quite simple actually..

Do you remember the time when you are in primary school, some of you might have the honour of flying the flag on the pole during school assembly? When everybody was singing Negaraku, our national anthem, standing erect and watched the flag went up slowly. You would feel sometimes that you’d be bursting with pride.

Or the times when you were leading your sports team, or during marching of school band, athletics, or even during Pengakap or Pandu Puteri marching?

I do. I have at once or twice given the honour :p of flying or carrying the flags. It was, and still is, a big deal for me. And I remember at all times, I was drilled to not ever let the flag touched the soil at any time, and to treat it with full respect. Whenever I was assigned to look after the flying flag on the school compound, I would run to beat the rain in order not to let the flag be smeared by the raindrop. When I folded the flag, I always made sure that I fold it on a clean table, and carried the folded flag with both hands as if my life depended upon it, and to be kept safely in the school cabinet.

So I do not understand how is it that ‘nowsadey’ (nowadays) people just simply fly the flag on their car bonnet, or their balcony or wherever they feel like it and let the flag to be under the shine and rain? And when the National Day is over, the flag will left to rot or tossed to the ground. My heart feels thorn apart everytime I see this happened. I hate it so much in the end, I vowed never to fly even the mini National Flag (or famously known as Jalur Gemilang by Malaysian). Am I being too sentimental and a drana queen by feeling so? Maybe.

But I don’t care. It is my stand, and I will not fly the flag in a manner, on which in my opinion, is dishonouring my beloved ‘Jalur Gemilang’. Unless of course if somebody going to point a bullet on my head :D


headsteadi said...

how u know taik idung is masin? ever taste is it?

would never fly malaysian flag. only proud of sarawak flag.

Sumuk said...

Ah! You got me there aharks!!

tikiyung said...

U are absolutely right jue...still 16th september is a special date for me!

Sumuk said...

Exactly tikiyung. we haven't even count that yet.

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