Tuesday, August 19, 2008

UiTM Aku Punya!!

This issue is so timely with our National Day which is coming soon.

I found this article from some friends who are so free as me :p
It is written by a Malay.
It touched me personally, I want to share it with you all.
Pls read it yourself, it will be worth your time, I promised.

Warkah Buat Adik-Adik UiTM


lvynana said...

moh kuk baca..interesting btul.

headsteadi said...

my time at MRSM dolok, ada 10% non-bumi masuk study sama ngan kamek org. Sikda problem pun. Masih juak rami Bumi nok score CGPA tinggi and kenak hantar pi overseas.

Sumuk said...

lvynana : really worth the time kan?

headsteadi : sik pikir juak daknya all duit PTPTN ya dtg dr gomen. Duit gomen dtg dr rakyat. rakyat nok bayar tax sik kira bansa. takut gilak ngan persaingan.

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