Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Road One Should Not Travelled - 190808

Notice the crossroad below?

This crossroad might be one of the most dangerous crossroad in Malaysia.
It looks quite harmless, but since the day I've been working here last March, I had my own close call twice. In any given week, it would not be a complete week without the screeching of tyres, if not a damaging vehicle accident in front of our office.

Last week alone, there was an accident between a Myvi and a Kancil on Tuesday morning. In the evening, it was an accident between a motorcycle and a Wira. In fact I couldn't remember how many accident already happened.

I really believe that the reasons for all these accidents are partly because of the confusing crossroad, which in fact is a U-turn and not a crossroad at all. For better understanding, the road from right to left is the main one-way road, and the oncoming cars from top side supposed to stop and wait. Lots of people who are not familiar with this road will speed from the coming direction.

I personally just don't understand why this U-turn is yet to be closed until now. The developer of this area is the building just next to us, and MBSJ branch is merely a few blocks away. I guess they are waiting for a death to occur, so that the ghost of the dead can make a visit to their office themselves to lodge a complaint!

Let us try to see how long the local council gonna do something about this U-turn. So I decided that I will document the accident that happened at this particular crossroad, until the closure of it.

Below is the photo of the accident occured yesterday evening 19 Aug 08 between a Proton Wira and Kelisa.

The verdict : Proton Wira is on the correct side. The Kelisa did not realize he was supposed to stop. His view was blocked by the cars park near the U-turn. Luckily the Kelisa hit the rear part of Proton Wira. As you can see, the impact (or speed) from the Kelisa is quite strong, causing the Proton Wira to turn 90 degree! The Proton Wira driver just missed being hit by less than a door away phewww...


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