Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Loyalty? or Bribe?

Ah hah..

Last 18 June 2008 while at work, I received a surprise call from a Celcom representative. The rep was telling me on how to make saving when making an international roaming call. At the same time, he told me I was going to receive 6 nos RM5 McDonald voucher for my loyalty to them since 2003. But the voucher would only be sent on the same day.

As a matter of fact, I did not take his call seriously. To me, it might be another scam/telemarketers who tried to even stole my phone line, retrieve information, or something.. whatever haha. After 2 quite weeks passing by, I did not even bother looking for it in the mail.

So last week, viola! I got this in the mail.

Jeles or not? Hah!? Please tell me you are jeles haha!! After all the heartache I got from them. Duh. I couldnt count how many times I had wanted to get a different service provider, but I was just busy (read:lazy) to do it.

As usual, being a Malaysian-born company, the letter accompanying the voucher was dated 10 July 2008, which was almost a month from the day that the rep called me. Am i allowed to complain here? Or should I be just thankful?


Anonymous said...

mmg patut terima kaseh ngan celcom...celcom gave me a token of appreciation...Touch n Go card worth rm10...haha...fonsus

Sumuk said...

ow! that is nice of them hah!

i remember there was one time they did not reconnect my phone after i paid my bill (it was their fault. system glitch). I was out of line for 3 weeks, and I still have to pay the monthly payment in full. Ceh. I would have make a big fuss out of it, but it just doesnt worth the trouble.

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