Monday, July 14, 2008

Unwanted Visitor

Last Saturday, after having my massage in Zhu Lim Reflexology in Seri Kembangan, we went to watch the movie 'Wanted' in Alamanda Putrajaya. We took the 11.15pm show, and it lasted until 1.30am. As usual, I missed some of the scenes.. Even the ever hot-looking Jolie did not stopped me from resting my heavy fat head on Babai's shoulder and became an action star in my own dream hehe..

When we reached home at 2am, I got off the car to open the gate. While Babai drove the car to the porch, I was standing outside on the street fighting my sleepiness when I heard a kitty meowing. At first I did not take heed, I thought it was our neighbor's. But the meowing did not stop at all, until I had to feed my curiosity and went to look for it. The funny thing was that, I couldnt find the kitty from the spot I thought it came from. Instead the sounds became very far in the distance. I even tried to look for the kitty under Babai's car which was parked outside on the street. But the kitten was nowhere to be seen. I gave up and told Babai about the sounds. He said don't look for a sounds which you can't see in the wee hours. Err.. that made quicken my step and left Babai to lock up.

Yesterday after came back from Sunday night class at 10pm, I heard the same sounds again. This time I did not want to give up. I went to look for it immediately.

In the end, I saw a this dirty, hungry and cold kitten hidden among the rubbles from our next door neighbors. I know it is actually not right to feed strays (to control population of strays) but I just couldn't help it oh my.

The kitten seemed scared of being too near to me. But I know how hungry it was. I dont have any cat food with me. Sorry Jake, I have to kidnap some of your food huhu..

I hope the kitten will not come again tonight. Otherwise, it will become one of our house member soon :p


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