Saturday, July 12, 2008

Unique Seafood- Living up to Its Name

Our company had just secured another 4 months-local project amounted to almost RM100mil. As promised by the MD previously, the company gonna buy us dinner before ehem.. our suffering of endless long working hours, stresses and headache begin.

So on Friday at 6.15pm yesterday, about 30 of us went to a seafood in Section 13, PJ. Prior to heading out to the restaurant, almost all of my colleagues were complaining of the unsuitability of the restaurant picked by company. First of all, it was in PJ, which was about 25km from our office. Secondly, it was located in the center of Klang Valley traffic jam. While trailing behind my boss's car and negotiating the traffic in NKVE, I started cursing and promised to my colleagues who were car-pooling with me, that I'd gonna throw the food on the ceiling if it doesnt worth all the trouble.

Finally, we reached the intended restaurant, which was called Unique Seafood Restaurant. It's located at the same row of TOTO, not far from PJ Tan Chong Motor.

Without further adieu, I present you Unique Seafood Restaurant - one that lives up to its name!

A sight that welcomed us the moment we entered the restaurant. The fish aquarium was displayed like a stage and took up the entire side of the wall. This photo was taken exactly from where I sat. Initially I did fell a tinge of guilt. I was imagining myself in the aquarium performing on stage while my captors feasting on my friends....eugghh..

This Spider Crab is the most expensive per kg of seafood here, beside Australian Snow Crab with the same price. It is bigger than my head!

Camwhoring while waiting for our food. Here with my manager, a lovely lady from China. She is one of my biggest role model.

The first dish was sea prawn, but since it was a common dish, I didnt take the picture.

Below is the second dish, Belacan Stir-Fried Clam. Very tasty.

Third dish - Steamed sea garoupa in light soy sauce.

The 4th dish was Fried French Bean with dried prawn. Didnt take photo also.

Here's the 5th dish - Squid with shaved coconut and glass noodle, and presented on a clam shell. Unique and tasty.

The highlight of the night - our 6th dish. Australian Snow Crab in Golden Superior Soup.

If heaven is a crab, this is how it might looks like! Love it!

Enjoying my meal, with my juniors..

The last dishes were fried mee and rice. We finished the dinner course with some fruits of course.

And here's the seafood which didnt make it into our stomach!

Mexico Geoduck. Ermm.. does it remind you of anything? . I wonder how does it taste like..

Turbot fish. The wierdest fish I've seen here. It looks and moves like a stingray, but its actually a fish wich have its guide fin on both side, but both its eyes are on top. God must be feeling humorous when He created this fish. Amazing huh?

It was a great night with fun companies, good food and free-flow beers. At least this is the one dinner I dont feel like I have to pretend Im enjoying, eventhough I was the only non-Chinese speaking on the table.

Most of all, I didnt see any food sticking on the ceiling that night!

**Author's reminder : I heard the food bill for our company similar dinner at Unique Seafood cost RM5+++ last year, for 20 head and no hard liquor. So if you have very limited credit limit, forget about impressing your family in law here!


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