Thursday, July 24, 2008

Loosing My Head

Do you remember my posting on Where to Find Good Massage?

In that posting, I had complained about a stiff neck. I thought I might have spend to much time staring at my laptop screen, and my sitting position also wrong.

What I did not tell you is that, beside my stiff neck, I also have been having pain on my shoulder, dizzy spells, blurred vision, feeling tired, increased sleeping time, feeling sleepy, and mild headache until today. There was one time when I was driving; suddenly I felt I was in the air. Do you know how it feels in a mild earthquake and feeling everything around you is moving? If you’ve been through that experience, you will know what I mean, only this time it was an earthquake in my own car. I got that occasionally when I was walking too. Nope. I'm not exaggerating here.

I really thought after 3 weeks of hard work end of last June, I am just recuperating from fatigue. But it couldn’t be after almost 1 month I am still having all of the above symptoms right?

I had forgotten however, that on 4th of July 2008, while rushing of doing so many things at one time, I had hit my head on our ceramic basin in our bathroom.

What happened was, I was trying to clean up the underside of the basin and arranging the stuff when in my haste to go doing the next thing in my list (I forgotten what was it), I had underestimate the height of the underside of the basin, straighten up too quickly and hit the back of my head on it. I screamed loudly and almost passed out from it.

I could hear Babai was tinkering with his bike downstairs and I had expected him to come running to see what had happened. I guess he must have thought I had an ugly encounter with a cockroach coming out from the floor trap. Either that, or he honestly couldn’t hear me.

The pain was so excruciating that I had to lie face down on the mattress for a good five minutes. After the throbbing went away, I checked for a lump and found none. So I went downstair without finishing whatever I did. I casually mentioned it to Babai few hours later. Till then I had totally forgotten about the incident.

Last night while on my way to PKNS Shah Alam to send my ‘kain kebaya’ that I bought online (thanks lvynana), I got a throbbing pain on the exact spot I had hit my head. It throbbed whenever I hear a sudden loud thud. I touched the spot and it felt quite sore too. It was still there when I went off to sleep, but I never said a word to Babai about it, thinking it will go away in the morning.

But it didn’t. Somehow when I was talking to my boss in my room this morning talking about a colleague who had a nasty motorbike incident yesterday, a sudden realization made me able to connect all the dots of events of my own symptoms. Goggle I did and I found out this;

Source :

Head Injury

What happens after a head injury?
It's normal to have a headache and nausea, and feel dizzy right after a head injury. Other symptoms include ringing in the ears, neck pain, and feeling anxious, upset, irritable, depressed or tired.

The person who has had a head injury may also have problems concentrating, remembering things, putting thoughts together or doing more than one thing at a time.

These symptoms usually go away in a few weeks, but may go on for over a year if the injury was severe.

Sport Concussion
What should I watch out for?
Tell your doctor if you have any of the following symptoms:
• Stiff neck
• Difficulty walking, speaking or using your arms
• Severe headache
• Repeated vomiting
• Confusion that gets worse
• Convulsions
• Unusual sleepiness

Are there any lasting effects to a concussion?

Most people get better after a concussion without any permanent damage. Some people have signs of concussion for weeks to months.

I do hope I don’t sound paranoid, but the cause of all the symptoms I'm having right now might have something to do with mild concussion. I spoke to Babai about it, so does to my boss. They have urged me to go for a check up. So I’m gonna wait until tomorrow to see if the pain on my head still there. I hope I am and will be ok, because losing my head is never an option!


Anonymous said...

go find a good and reputable chinese sinseh and ask for massage...

my shoulder injury was healed after one visit to chinese sinseh...but make sure you get the real deal...hahaha....

Sumuk said...


I went to a reflexology center in Seri Kembangan 2 weeks ago. At first, I felt better. But the pain didnt go away totally. I still feel the muscle stiffness, but at least i dont feel my head dropping off fr my neck.

Im not sure where good sinseh here in KL. Hv you heard of any? Or your sinseh might got branch here hehe?

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