Friday, July 25, 2008

Loosing My Head II

Apparently I can still keep my head and able to work this morning.

Last night after complaining of sudden sharp pain on my head, Babai gave a 'kaw-kaw' lecture and dragged my lazy wide bum to clinic nearby. I told him a few hours would not make any difference as I planned to go in the morning. But he just flatly refused to listen.

The doctor patiently waited for me to finish my story. Then he started checking my head, BP, shoulder, eyeballs etc. Surprisingly, after scouring through my hair, he managed to find the bump and he mentioned that the bruises are still there. I was worried that after 3 weeks, it supposedly should have gone by now. But the doctor seems nonchalant and only waived me off and not to worry. He gave me painkiller, Vitamin, and some rub ointment. I told him that my shoulder muscle is painful and its a struggle to keep my head up, he said it must be that I have sprained my neck muscle when I hit the ceramic sink. And he could administered injection if I wanted too.

I looked at him with much disbelief. I was wondering if I could have hit my head that hard to be able to sprain my neck, the knock should have been hard enough I could have cracked my skull dammnit! What I had wanted was only a reference letter to see specialist, but I was speechless at his casualness I totally forgotten about it.

What kind of injection does he want to give to me anyway? A stronger painkiller? I dont think that will solved the whole problem. In fact, this is my second visit to this clinic ever, and I was offered injection too for my gastric on the previous trip. What do they want to inject? My stomach? Stupid isn't it? I guess that is just their way of scaring patient so that they will stop complaining about their pain and get the hell out of the clinic as soon as possible.

Am not trying to be 'pandai-pandai' here, but Im also scared that there is something more serious is happening, and it might be too late later on. My hope now is that, the throbbing sharp pain will go away, and whatever imaginative crack I have on my skull shall healed by itself.

Let's hope.


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