Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Darn. I got bang. Again.

Tskk.. what a life!

I got bang. Again.. *sigh*.
What's wrong with these people?

On my way back from work at abt 7.30pm, it was a drizzling rain. Kind of like lazy rain. Driving in KL at this time of hours does make one change character, and impatience does running high. From my office until LDP, i got cut dangerously 2 times. 1 Unser cut my queue at the Kesas toll. Then i saw some guy gave his famous middle finger to another car in front of me, after he was honked at when he cut the queue. Crazy bunch..

When i was at a slope down the hills towards Taman Teknologi Malaysia, cars slowed down. The road was quite slippery from the rain, and I ensured that I have sufficient space for braking if needed. While driving slowly down the hill, I heard a screeching of tyres somewhere behind me.

Oh shit. I was going to get hit.

I immediately release my brake. But i was not quick enough.


I looked in the rear mirror to see who had bang me, just to make sure it was not a scam. I made sure it was ok to come out, and i had called Babai to inform him. It was a Kancil driven by a Malay guy, who banged an Iswara driven by an Indian guy, who banged me as a result.

Babai Wira's rear bumper drooped slightly, but otherwise that reliable girl seems fine.

At first I thought I just want to drive away, since his damage was far worse than ours, and the traffic had become from 2 lane to 1 lane. But then I remember my mum said, this kind of accident is a bad omen. So u must get compensation, at whatever amount. Ok. At least i think that was what she said.

So I extorted the Kancil guy for RM10.
God. Pls forgive me and my mom. Amen.:|

Hopefully it is enough to screw the bumper back.


Anonymous said...

i also kenak bang b4...I'm so rushing to dinner party and luckily my car so reliable...why...why rm10...why not rm10.99...hehe-fonsus

Sumuk said...

Huhu.. sian u.. luckily we are ok.

At first I really contemplating on asking for RM9.99, to make it the more mysterious. But it will be just too much digging for the guy i guess..


bad things happen when it rains, huh. thanks HIM you and your mom are safe. that's a gud Q there "why not 10.99?"

Sumuk said...

Shutter : I was alone at that time. My mom said her 'famous line' abt 10 years ago during my niece's little accident.

Why not 10.99? Hmm... Maybe i can try next time ahah!!

Aiyo..Touch wood..

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