Sunday, April 6, 2008

Babai does love dogs..

It's because they taste great!

Jake is getting ready to be marinated by Babai. I managed to save him.

If it ever crossed your mind, or you have contemplating seriously about having a dog or a cat, my personal advice is that, go to SPCA instead of places like Pets Wonderland etc. I have nothing against Pets Wonderland, but if you dont mind abt having a non-breed and you want to keep the extra - vagant money of buying a chipped, vaccinated pure-breed/mixed breed for something else, please go to SPCA or PAWS. There are lots of cats and dog just waiting for you.

You can find SPCA from the map below, or you can click on the link provided at my bookmark list.

And dont forget to potong spay them if you dont plan to become unintended amateur animal breeder yourself.

Thats the least you can do to avoid adding to the statistics of abandoned and stray animal.


shutterhero said...

im a dog lover too. but i only had two dogs in my entire life. the first died while crossing the road right in front of Tamna Selera in Miri. the other one taken away by my grandpa to help him hunting.

Sumuk said...

Glad to hear u like dogs too :)

Pets death encountered at young age sometimes can be a traumatizing experience. I've met a lot of ppl who have become phobia of having pets after their first lost of pet they loved so much.
I almost did too, but I defy it by trying to love another one again, without replacing the precious memories of the one gone forever.

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